Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boobs and whatnot

In case you missed it at some point I love boobs. I like mine, I like others, I like em.

Small ones, big ones whatever. There is a caveat with fake ones, they are (if well done)more pretty to look at rather than handle. Although I must say I met a stripper who had one of the best boob jobs I've ever seen and felt.

I'm sure every woman has had booby envy at some time. I myself have had it many times. For a long time I wanted some cute little a and a half/b cup sized boobies. Cute perky ones, maybe a little plump looking. Mainly because having the big boobies is not always all it's cracked up to be.

I have a hard time finding dresses that fit right. There are a whole slew of styles of tops that just look stupid if you have big boobs. And do you have any idea how excited I would be to not have the titty sweat/funk underneath these bitches?

That said I do love my boobs. I like having mile deep cleavage. It's fun. And I have to admit yes I have used the power of the cleavage for evil. Free drinks, few fee club covers, that sort of thing. Yes it might be a nefarious feminine wiles abusing plot but, I have the following philosophy about it. If some jackass (male or female) is so entranced by boobs (which I'm sure they've seen hundreds of em) and they want to spend their money sure why not.

I just got distracted.

For the record: shiny silver moon boots are gayer than gay.

They are...


What was I saying? Right, boobs, nefarious female plot.

So the whole reason I bring up boobs aside from that I love talking about boobs is that mine seem larger than usual to me.

Has that ever happened to anyone else?

You're just going on about your days and catch some odd angle view of your boobs and go, "GODDAMN THEM SOME TIG OLE BITTAYS RIGHT THERE!" and then return to your normal comings and goings or is it just me?

It's probably just me.

I am obsessed with the bitches (called the bitches when they are misbehaving) because I really need to go bra shopping. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying Dcup since the last bra I bought that was a C cup didn't fit quite right.

I'm thinking I'll buy two new bras. One that's more practical. Full coverage no extra PAPOW! I refuse to buy Vicky's Secret bras anymore because the last 3 I've had over the past few years were just uncomfortable. Usually right in the ribcage area. They fit well in th cup but the rest left some to be desired.

I prefer seamless and lightly lined for full coverage bras. My nipples aren't huge but it's comfy. Even though it's expensive I think I'll be shopping Lane Bryant. I bought a fabulous bra (that my best friend Cookie had the exact same one but in pink) I like this quite a bit but it's a little too pricey. I don't care for the "nude" lining through. Who the fuck is actually that color? I myself am brown.

I'm also looking at a few from Torrid but I'm hesitant because, since they are related to Hot Topic that the quality might not be that great. Anybody who's bought panties from hot topic knows damn well the only good they are for is getting them ripped off.

They do however have a convertible bra that might be worth investing in. Especially since I am determined to wear some cute clothing that I don't want straps peeking out of over the summer.

I find it disheartening how much more expensive anything deemed plus sized is. Even when I've had the money to spend the idea has rankled. Lane Bryant is a prime example. They have some really beautiful clothing. They make a wide enough variety of styles to fit most any body that comes in. But what I find ugly is the 65 goddamn dollars for a denim top. Nothing fancy.

I suppose all clothing has gotten that out of hand.

Yet another reason I'm glad to have Mike. He's been reminding me about some of the cool things I can DIY. That we can do together since he can sew too. I've got plenty of ideas. Lots of things I want to make. Because really why buy things that fit funny, are cheaply made but cost my left ovary, I have to go out of my way to find a size that is not some binty idea of a size.

Fuck it I don't have good reason to.

And if I'm making a majority of my wardrobe I'll have more money for boots.

I think that's it from me for now. I'm tired and I want to go home.

Homo Out.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Can I just share?

Okay I have to admit that if it weren't for things like weather and such I would dress like a complete whore.

I'm serious.

All hooker, all the time.

Even though lately I haven't been feeling all that cute. (Thanks to the move of pudge.) I have been doing some more super deal scouting and yes, if I had money and didn't have to ride the bus to work I would dress like a whore.

Given my most recent go round with trying to use a money order to pay for an auction (I can say never again that's twice I've screwed up money orders) I'll be exercising my paypal account vigorously.

Given that I shop on the uber cheap I spend a lot of time perusing auctions and circling ebay. It's unfortunate that a lot of the clothing I love is so motherfucking expensive. No folks not designer duds. I have too much actual titty and hip for that sort of nonsense. But just your regular type stores.

For instance Torrid. I love a lot of the clothing there (not to mention some hot ass models) but they are so goddamn expensive. I purchased thistop from them in purple in March. It was 7.95 when I bought it and two days after I got it in the mail it was up to 15 dollars. The fuck is wrong with these people?

I like the way their tops fit quite a bit. I am as they say stacked (read: I have big boobies) I love this top but it would be a cold day in hell before I pay that much money for it. Tripp clothing is not made nearly well enough to pay that.

Since I don't have my measuring tape I don't know what size I am from the waist down. None of my pants fit so who knows.

I have a few things that are on my needs list. New bra. Some undies.(not that I wear underwear that often but still). Socks. And some plain-ish tanks and camis.

And a pair of fancy ballet flats.

It's almost time to go home. thank ye gods of making time pass.

I am a tired little fucker.

I need to consult my fashion guru Cookie. I am tempted to say I like armwarmers but I'm not sure. She isn't all into the batcave like I am but, she does usually know uncannily what I'll really like and wear and what I won't. Like I for about a split second wanted this absurd strapless jumper hot mess of a thing and she wisely reminded me that I am not 6 feet tall nor am I shaped like a 6' hourglass.

And my relief is here so goodnight.

Homo Out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Tired. But very excited. So look..sqt. I'll talk more about it later.

Find your Celestial Choir

Monday, May 22, 2006


My horoscope for today:

You can like yourself, but liking is such a lukewarm emotion. Why not be
absolutely daffy about yourself? After all, it never hurts to have a fan club --
especially if you know the number-one member is in it for life.

A good one because I am feeling rather meh about myself and other things.

Lovely Miss P I can't call until next week at the earliest. My Tmobile situation is not good and they are not helping. So I'm either getting a new cell phone or some other means of communication.

I am not feeling so hot right now. I've been trying unsuccessfully to write an entry for about three hours now.

I'm currently trying to win myself an Ipod. Or earn one.

Win/earn Ipod At least go look.

I"m also looking at some of those pay per click things. I joined one and have apparently earned a grand total of 2.75 in the last three days. Not big money but, it would be nice to find something that might earn me an extra few dollars a omnth. If I earn 10$ that's almost 5 coffees.

You see where I'm going.

I will report as to any actual earnings/rewards. I do really want to see if this shit works. I wanna win me a fancy IPOD.


Right sorry. Not making sense. I only slept about 4 hours yesterday. Did everything else under the goddamn sun.

Hand washed panties.

Hand washed socks.

Cleaned bathroom but didn't mop.

I'll keep everyone posted on my pocket change crusade here.

My main goal is to have money for the sil;ly little things I like. Make up and crap.

SO yeah. Goin home in ten minutes. Goodnight Frank.

Homo Out.

And goodnight Busty Rusty.... sing it with me "I'm the baddest bitch..."


Thursday, May 18, 2006


I have a migraine. It's been a few days now.

All I really want to say at this juncture is that I want to fucking kill someone/thing/

Then set it on fire.

Thank you and goodnight.

Homo Out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't Read that you Moron

People are still trying to get books banned.

Book banning has been a hot button issue for me for a long time. I love to read, I love books, and people banning them makes me ill. Especially some of the reasons people want to ban books. Let's take a look at some recent ones shall we?

In Salmon Idaho a Minister wanted the book 'The Chocolate War' banned. See the aritcle, because and I quote,

"portrays Christians in a negative light."

Now. I have read The Chocolate War.

Has this Minister ever read the bible?

As far as sex, violence and being frightening and depending on your view a potentially damning view of Christianity The Chocolate War has nothing on the Bible. Nothing.

Not to mention all that preaching about love thy neighbor and judge not lest ye be judged. The latter is a feat few Christians can lay claim to. Come on now.

Frequently people wh are in a lather over some book or film cite our founding fathers. How ashamed they'd be and how appalled they'd be. What they often seem to forget is the following:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.— The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Contrary to what a lot of people might think that means all of us.

I am an ardent supporter of the First Amendment. To the point that I would rally to support someone spewing hateful rhetoric, I would (and have) vocally and spiritually supported people who hate me for a variety of reasons. Say what you will. You want to say you hate evil faggot nigger liberals? Say it. I don't agree but I respect your right to the thought and to express said thought.

Hateful acts? That is something else entirely.

I do not support hateful acts (hate crimes, beatings, terrorizing abortion clinics or churches, terrifying Muslims or followers of Islam etc). You have your right to feel how you want to but not the right to harm other people.

No matter what your political leanings, religious beliefs or whatever is important to you, that you check out this site. First Amendment Center. Know your rights. Understand your rights. In the political climate we live in it's more important than ever to be cognizant of what rights you do and do not have.

Don't put up with the bullshit people. This is America act like it.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Blogsphere travels

First important things. As I posted a few days ago there is a bill up for grabs that will in effect let big business decide what you will and won't be able to see on the internet. If you look to your right I've placed a permanent link to the Moveon.org information and below you'll find the flyer.

If you didn't before I urge you to go right now and read about what's going on and sign the petitition against it. Then send your friends the information.

Don't put up with this bullshit.

Save the Internet: Click here

Now. Onto other things.

I wandered onto I Talk Too Much and might I say those bitches are funny. I really enjoy reading this sort of thing. It often makes me wish more people had a goddamn sense of humour.

I was just looking at my Blogroll and realized I haven't updated it in I don't know how long. I really need to start getting my geek on to make this thing a little more amusing.

Oh and did I remember to mention I'm finally working on opening up the porn section I promised two damn years ago? I'm building pages and several TGP galleries. Also at some point I might decide to have a review section and/or post some of my own porn.

Who knows?

That affiliate area bullshit is getting cleaned up too. I'm tired of looking at it and it fucks my sidebar up.

Probably after I'm done with this post I'll mess around with the template some more. I'm still considering moving to Typepad or Wordpress. The jury is still out on that one.

I think I'm about done here. I've got a hankering for something to snack on in a way that makes me want to kick a hippy. More link salad next week.


Homo Out.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I am Angry

Ok. It's rant day and I might get a little random here you've been warned.

First the FDA.

The FDA routinely and quite vigorously denies the use of anything that (to my eyes)isn't corporately controlled. Consider their ruling about medical marijuana. Their findings in a nutshell are that marijuana has no medicinal use. However, if you read not only the article I linked but any other number of articles the FDA's decision is blatantly political rather than medical.

The FDA doesn't give a SHIT about your health. I might not be college educated but I know that if you are going to make such pronouncements you would think someone in this agency would've actually done a study. Not read a study, not ignored studies, not read FBI and drug war propaganda (the so called Drug War..go read some of that site. ) then I believe their statements would be credible.

Another example. For the last decade or so the health benefits of being a green tea have filtered into Western awareness. However yet again the FDA has decided that after reading some articles green tea isn't good for you.

This is SUCH a typical ugly American behaviour it makes me feel ashamed. The FDA and many others in the medical machine have for decades denied the benefits of medicine that is not of the Western World. All things outside the world of "science" (that term is used loosely here) is deemed fraudulent and dangerous.

Instead the FDA wants you to take lots and lots of "safe" drugs. Drugs manufactured by huge companies who are not in it for your health but for the big bucks pharmaceuticals makes.

Granted there are a lot of us who would die without these drugs. A lot of us who for various reasons need medications daily to keep ourselves living. I don't have a problem with that. What I have a serious issue with is that anything deemed "alternative medacine" is too frequently deemed "dangerous" "ineffective" and the health benefits of way too many other options (aside from the manufactured madness) are taken away.

What bothers me is that contemporary medicine too quickly and easily dismisses thousands of years of medical history. Entire cultures (many of whom have been and are far healthier than a lot of us) are discounted whole.

What I would like to see is an FDA that doesn't just read some studies and call it a day. I want an agency that regardless of the political pressure of the day, and whomevers political agenda, etc. I want fair and non partisan research. I want an agency that is not funded, fueled or in any other way overly connected to big money drug industry.

I want an agency that is interested primarily in my health and the health of my fellow Americans. Whether they are interested in "alternative" or natural remedies or if they want to trust the drug companies. I want my and my fellow Americans health care to be safe and informative. I want it to be accessible to every one. I want for all of us to be able to understand what our doctors are saying, how things we are prescribed and given to take or advised to take, I want us all to be able to understand what is going on and if it is all safe.

After saying all that I realized a few things. First off I don't think those things are going to happen in my lifetime. Mainly because we Americans tend not to worry overmuch until we are personally offended or it's something that hits too close to home. It's sad. I wish I had more faith in my brethren to actively and seriously support and seek change. But I don't.

There are a couple of spelling mistakes up there but screw it I'm tired.


Why am I so fucking cranky lately? Well tonight I have a migraine. It started yesterday on my way home and has gotten worse. My stomach is upset and I have no good drugs.,

And because I"m a nice girl I just let my coworker go home early because she has to drive home and I take the bus.

So yeah.

I just ran out of steam entirely.

Love poetry for Busty Rusty

I'm fresh up out my comaI got my momma and my daddy and my homies in my corner
It's gonna take a miracle they say
For me to walk again and talk again but anyway
I get, fronted some keys, to get, back on my feet
And everything that nigga said, came to reality
Livin like a baller loc

Homo Out

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Link Salad served up Fresh.

Okay I'm really -really- fucking tired and have another hour to go. Please right click and open in another window on these links. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my target=blank tags (yes I know I put them down correctly when I'm making a link. That is just for reference) work properly so bear with me.

First up.

Check out this video of Miss Rachel Brice. (Let me just add I love Youtube). Watch her muscle control. I want to be able to do that when I growed up.

Also look at the following graphic.

http://organdonor.gov. Go read about and I encourage you to sign up. I think organ and tissue donation is very important and worthy.

I've also been on the hunt for good lip stain. I want it dark enough that I don't have to put on ninety layers and I want it to last. I've been investigating Lip-Ink. And I might order myself up a sampler kit.

Also if I am ever hood rich or just plain old rich I am going to get eyelash extensions. Because really. I like eyelashes, I LOVE extensions. And hell yeah. That's ont to say I wouldn't still be a mascara whore but come on now. That is some kickass shit. Yes I know it's a sinful terrible waste of loot but screw you it's glamorous.

I think should I have a little extra money at some point I want myself more Manic Panic Eyeshadow. To tell the truth I'm feeling pretty blah these days. So good answer? Deadly nigthtshade eyeshadow since I already have Vampire Red. And it looks fabulous on me if I must say so myself.

I have a terrible confession to make. I read celebrity gossip blogs.

I know. It's absurd. But it makes me amused. For the record I read Dlisted because that bitch is funny. I also read Crunk and Disorderly because most celeb focused gossip does not include black folks. I've just discovered Hip Hop Ruckus and enjoy that one quite a bit.

And I think I'm spent. Goodnight.



Okay I woke up tonight to find my wonderful Mike downloaded me 3 gigs of bellydance videos. I have some beginning stuff then some more advanced stuff. YEAH!

So I won't have to wait until who knows when to take classes or save up for more dvd's. I will probably still buy some at some point but I have somewhere to start.

Now I just need my fucking computer and I'll be good to go.

My memory was jogged while I was smoking a little while ago. The whole reason I've always had such a thing for belly dancing is because my favorite babysitter was a belly dancer. I loved that lady like you don't know. I remember helping her get ready and her sparkly costumes.

So there you have it.

So dancing right.

Anybody who knows me well knows I LOVE to dance. I've had a jones to take some sort of dance class for years now but circumstances have never proven to be that great for it.

So I'll do it at home then once in awhile drag my One Hung Low out to the club for some gratuitous rump shaking.

At some point I want to go take lessons at Sharon Moore's school Mandala Tribal. I am very serious about it. I don't know if I will get to a point of wanting to perform but, I want to learn. I have to get a sports bra and at some point I want some actual belly dance wear to practice in.

So I'm looking at things like sports bra and pants and whatnot supposedly designed for working out.

Since when is a fucking size 12 plus sized?

And who the FUCK decided that if you have some tig ole bitties that no you don't get support you get a tanktop that the first time you have a big bounce the strap will snap and hit you in the eye.

Goddamn it.

I really don't feel like joining any more forums really but I think I'm goin to have to find one for big girls who like to exercise and see how they hold the boobies down. Okay I'm going to get off of that subject before I yell.

Christ I am tired.

Anyhow since I don't know how long I'm going to be working graveyard I think I'm going to start bringing in my Yoga dvd's to do sometime during the night.

And yeah.

Oh wait did I mention I'm finally working on having an actual porno area? Not my porn but lots of links and mini reviews. Boys, girls, BBW's, tats, fetish. You name it I'll probably have something to say about it.

Probably in the next few weeks or so.

And I'm spent I need some tea or something I feel droopy.

Homo out.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Well then

So to recap for those of you playing along at home working graveyard has been pretty rough. My days blend together and updating with any sense of coherent thought is hard.

That said.

I bought some mascara on ebay because I am boycotting my favorite kind. I decided a few weeks ago not to purchase anything else from Maybelline New York because of their lack of diversity in their lines and their lackluster response to my letter. So while searching I decided to be big pimping for a change and I bought some Loreal Flextencils. That shit retails for 22$ and I got it for $9.90 out the door.

As far as make up goes if I wear nothing else I will wear mascara. I like big huge lashes and the Flextencils makes good on the promise of having "bigger, bolder, sexier than ever before, this ultra-curving PowerSHAPE™ formula with patented brush gives lashes up to 30% more visible length with an eye-opening 30º curve*. For extra-long, extra-curved lashes that look extraordinarily glamorous." (That's from the Sephora blurb)

Good stuff. If I had the money I would actually pay full price for it.

My darling and beautiful Cookie bought me some i.d. bareMinerals Foundation because we were talking foundation and I've yet to find one that can survive my skin for more than a few hours and not feel like fucking pancake.

For those who haven't known me forever I have extraordinarily oily skin. Yes the plus side is that I won't age until I'm 75 at this rate but the downside is that my skin eats make up alive. It takes a seriously good thing (other than liquid liner) that my skin won't just absord or that won't wipe off and make a huge mess.

For the last few years I've relied mostly on CoverGirl's pressed powder for my coverage and Cornsilk for the shine. These days since my skin has actually cleared up quite a bit the Covergirl has been a bit heavy so here I'm trying the bareMinerals since that is the latest and greatest thing.

It's harder to apply than they say. To get it even so it doesn't look weird is a little difficult. I don't quite have that down yet. And I can't apply it just after cleansing because I have peely spots. But because my skin is as oily as it is I don't moisturize but once a day and that's before bed.

I am impressed with the color. While my skin isn't hard to match per se frequently if it's not make up aimed at women of color there can be hints of chalky or ashiness. Or that terrible strange yellowy undertone. Which works great if you have it. If you don't it just looks weird.

Skin wise I've finally got the texture thing mostly under control. But, I still am having problems with hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately most of the women in my family are prone to dark spots on the face and it's very frustrating.

If you've not had it (or you're not black) consider it a roadmap of every little blemish or other thing left on your face.

It's not great.

I've tried many many things to combat this. Fade creams. Skin tone evening cleansing regimes. Fade gels. Daily exfoliation. None of it has worked so far.

It's very frustrating. Especially when there is a lot of misinformation out there. Not to mention products that can be dangerous and cause burns etc.

So I think my next fairly large purchase as I mentioned a few entries ago will probably be one of those microdermabrasion home kits.

Yes I know I"m fucking vain. Screw off.

I think that's about it for tonight. I have hot soup sitting in front of me and I can't be arsed to write anymore tonight.

Homo Out.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Save teh Interweb

Do you buy books online, use Google, or download to an iPod? Everything we do online will be hurt if Congress passes a radical law next week that gives giant corporations more control over what we do and see on the Internet.

Internet providers like AT&T are lobbying Congress hard to gut Network Neutrality--the Internet's First Amendment and the key to Internet freedom. Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from choosing which websites open most easily for you based on which site pays AT&T more. BarnesandNoble.com doesn't have to outbid Amazon for the right to work properly on your computer.

If Net Neutrality is gutted, many sites--including Google, eBay, and iTunes--must either pay protection money to companies like AT&T or risk having their websites process slowly. That why these high-tech pioneers, plus diverse groups ranging from MoveOn to Gun Owners of America, are opposing Congress' effort to gut Internet freedom.

You can do your part today--can you sign this petition telling your member of Congress to preserve Internet freedom? Click here:


I signed this petition, along with 250,000 others so far. This petiton will be delivered to Congress before the House of Representatives votes next week. When you sign, you'll be kept informed of the next steps we can take to keep the heat on Congress.

Snopes.com, which monitors various causes that circulate on the Internet, explained:

Simply put, network neutrality means that no web site's traffic has precedence over any other's...Whether a user searches for recipes using Google, reads an article on snopes.com, or looks at a friend's MySpace profile, all of that data is treated equally and delivered from the originating web site to the user's web browser with the same priority. In recent months, however, some of the telephone and cable companies that control the telecommunications networks over which Internet data flows have floated the idea of creating the electronic equivalent of a paid carpool lane.

If companies like AT&T have their way, Web sites ranging from Google to eBay to iTunes either pay protection money to get into the "fast lane" or risk opening slowly on your computer. We can't let the Internet--this incredible medium which has been such a revolutionary force for democratic participation, economic innovation, and free speech--become captive to large corporations.

Politicians don't think we are paying attention to this issue. Together, we do care about preserving the free and open Internet.

Please sign this petition letting your member of Congress know you support preserving Internet freedom. Click here:




I got myself another mug from the grocery store this morning. We also got ourselves a treat, smoked gouda and very tasty thin sliced deli turkey because it was on sale. I love the ghetto supermarket. Living in a highly culterally diverse neighborhood has it's perks.

Including the little Latina clothing stores. The land where sizing is more generous and nobody gives you the stink eye if you're trying on hoochie clothes and you're a big girl. Not to mention the good prices and hot selection of shoes.

And the food. There is all sorts of cheap tasty healthy eats around.

The financial fallout is starting to ease up a bit. I feel a lot less emotional and freaked out by it. Crawling out of the monetary black hole is a long difficult process. Not that I'm actually caught up on some bills but we're not eating instant noodles every night either.

Not much else to report. Aside from that I'm not particularly cut out for working graveyard anymore. At least the adjustment is pretty rough.

What I do like is hearing the city in silence save for the occasional train whistle. I do love Seattle and it's a beautiful thing to hear no blabber of city life. It would be a little better if I still worked downtown. The verge of Pioneer Square was actually very nice around 5 in the morning.

I'm tired. It's almost time to go home and for that I'm glad. Contacts are killing me. I'm a little footsore.

Half hour to go.

Homo Out.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nighttime relief

So I'm working graveyard shift for awhile because someone quit. I'd forgotten just how long graveyard can be so I'm entertaining myself while I swivel my head looking for anything broken or otherwise fucked up that I might be able to fix.

Nothing yet.

Good news. I have some new fixtion up. Find it at Wretched&Violent. It's not exactly what I generally write but amusing anyway.

I will also have poetry in the next issue of Zygote In My Coffee. I will post the linky when it goes live.

I'm considering changing blogging software to either WordPress or maybe Moveable Type. I've looked more into the former and I'm still researching the latter.

Oh my GOD speaking of blogs I just found the blog of one of my favorite smut authors M. Christian I have got a literary hard on for that man that started a very long time ago. Let's talk about the literary smut for a moment shall we?

It all started for me with Fanny Hill. At first it was the prose I loved. At the time (around age 14-16ish) I had no real conception of porno. For me Fanny Hill then later on The Beauty Series (which led me to kink but that's a different story), and later yet erotica of all sorts was words that yes gave me a tingle in my pants but, that I loved for what they were.

To be honest visual porn doesn't always really do it for me. For the most part I find most mainstream porn stars/movies boring and funny looking. And usually I'm too distracted by the enormous implants, silly non-existant (or worse yet) over artful body hair to be turned on. Not to mention the plethora of fake orgasms and I'm through.

What kind of visual porno do I like? I LOVE anything that's real. Real people, real orgasms. One of my favorite series of videos is called Screaming Orgasms fake boobies aside I really enjoy solo action. Particularly when it winds up with somebody screaming,shaking, howling during orgasm. And yes I also like solo boy videos.

I also enjoy older 70's era gay porn. The men look like men not 18 year old boys. If I am having a man I want a fucking man.

Same goes for women actually. I'm not particularly attracted to very thin women. Not that I don't find or haven't found skinny women to be pretty or beautiful, not at all. I'm talking pure sexual attraction. I like bigger girls. I like women who look like they've gone through puberty and not puberty via a shitload of lipo and some huge tits.

Even amongst a lot of the "alternative" models I see there's not a lot of diversity as far as bodies go. It's pretty disheartening to me. I get more enjoyment out of seeing the hot girls on Torrid than I do a lot of the time at supposedly "erotic" websites etc. It makes me kind of sad. However I don't really blame the purveyors of these sites at all.

I am realistic about these things and I know what is and is not largely (no pun intended) marketable. So that's that.

And you know I really hate to be a complainer. I hate to be one of those people who will bitch and piss and moan about something without ever taking the time to try and do something about it. Especially people who complain about the lack of diversity in any given thing.

That said I do often think about and try to actively look for something I can do. I'm not sure what. I don't have the time nor do I have the desire to start my own site. I also don't really have a desire to be a model in any serious way. At this point I'd do some cute,kinky tease sort of photos for fun. I'd pimp some clothes fetish or otherwise. But I am too old and scarred to go flashing it all on film.

I think that's about it.

Tomorrow I'm going to change my affiliate links to stuff I actually like aside from my webhosting. And I think (even though I have a pretty small readership) I'm going to put up a Pic of the day from Spooky Links. Cause someof them girls is hawt.

And I promise I will make them links so I'm semi worksafe to read.

Homo Out.

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