Monday, May 29, 2006

Can I just share?

Okay I have to admit that if it weren't for things like weather and such I would dress like a complete whore.

I'm serious.

All hooker, all the time.

Even though lately I haven't been feeling all that cute. (Thanks to the move of pudge.) I have been doing some more super deal scouting and yes, if I had money and didn't have to ride the bus to work I would dress like a whore.

Given my most recent go round with trying to use a money order to pay for an auction (I can say never again that's twice I've screwed up money orders) I'll be exercising my paypal account vigorously.

Given that I shop on the uber cheap I spend a lot of time perusing auctions and circling ebay. It's unfortunate that a lot of the clothing I love is so motherfucking expensive. No folks not designer duds. I have too much actual titty and hip for that sort of nonsense. But just your regular type stores.

For instance Torrid. I love a lot of the clothing there (not to mention some hot ass models) but they are so goddamn expensive. I purchased thistop from them in purple in March. It was 7.95 when I bought it and two days after I got it in the mail it was up to 15 dollars. The fuck is wrong with these people?

I like the way their tops fit quite a bit. I am as they say stacked (read: I have big boobies) I love this top but it would be a cold day in hell before I pay that much money for it. Tripp clothing is not made nearly well enough to pay that.

Since I don't have my measuring tape I don't know what size I am from the waist down. None of my pants fit so who knows.

I have a few things that are on my needs list. New bra. Some undies.(not that I wear underwear that often but still). Socks. And some plain-ish tanks and camis.

And a pair of fancy ballet flats.

It's almost time to go home. thank ye gods of making time pass.

I am a tired little fucker.

I need to consult my fashion guru Cookie. I am tempted to say I like armwarmers but I'm not sure. She isn't all into the batcave like I am but, she does usually know uncannily what I'll really like and wear and what I won't. Like I for about a split second wanted this absurd strapless jumper hot mess of a thing and she wisely reminded me that I am not 6 feet tall nor am I shaped like a 6' hourglass.

And my relief is here so goodnight.

Homo Out.

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