Thursday, May 04, 2006


I got myself another mug from the grocery store this morning. We also got ourselves a treat, smoked gouda and very tasty thin sliced deli turkey because it was on sale. I love the ghetto supermarket. Living in a highly culterally diverse neighborhood has it's perks.

Including the little Latina clothing stores. The land where sizing is more generous and nobody gives you the stink eye if you're trying on hoochie clothes and you're a big girl. Not to mention the good prices and hot selection of shoes.

And the food. There is all sorts of cheap tasty healthy eats around.

The financial fallout is starting to ease up a bit. I feel a lot less emotional and freaked out by it. Crawling out of the monetary black hole is a long difficult process. Not that I'm actually caught up on some bills but we're not eating instant noodles every night either.

Not much else to report. Aside from that I'm not particularly cut out for working graveyard anymore. At least the adjustment is pretty rough.

What I do like is hearing the city in silence save for the occasional train whistle. I do love Seattle and it's a beautiful thing to hear no blabber of city life. It would be a little better if I still worked downtown. The verge of Pioneer Square was actually very nice around 5 in the morning.

I'm tired. It's almost time to go home and for that I'm glad. Contacts are killing me. I'm a little footsore.

Half hour to go.

Homo Out.

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