Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nighttime relief

So I'm working graveyard shift for awhile because someone quit. I'd forgotten just how long graveyard can be so I'm entertaining myself while I swivel my head looking for anything broken or otherwise fucked up that I might be able to fix.

Nothing yet.

Good news. I have some new fixtion up. Find it at Wretched&Violent. It's not exactly what I generally write but amusing anyway.

I will also have poetry in the next issue of Zygote In My Coffee. I will post the linky when it goes live.

I'm considering changing blogging software to either WordPress or maybe Moveable Type. I've looked more into the former and I'm still researching the latter.

Oh my GOD speaking of blogs I just found the blog of one of my favorite smut authors M. Christian I have got a literary hard on for that man that started a very long time ago. Let's talk about the literary smut for a moment shall we?

It all started for me with Fanny Hill. At first it was the prose I loved. At the time (around age 14-16ish) I had no real conception of porno. For me Fanny Hill then later on The Beauty Series (which led me to kink but that's a different story), and later yet erotica of all sorts was words that yes gave me a tingle in my pants but, that I loved for what they were.

To be honest visual porn doesn't always really do it for me. For the most part I find most mainstream porn stars/movies boring and funny looking. And usually I'm too distracted by the enormous implants, silly non-existant (or worse yet) over artful body hair to be turned on. Not to mention the plethora of fake orgasms and I'm through.

What kind of visual porno do I like? I LOVE anything that's real. Real people, real orgasms. One of my favorite series of videos is called Screaming Orgasms fake boobies aside I really enjoy solo action. Particularly when it winds up with somebody screaming,shaking, howling during orgasm. And yes I also like solo boy videos.

I also enjoy older 70's era gay porn. The men look like men not 18 year old boys. If I am having a man I want a fucking man.

Same goes for women actually. I'm not particularly attracted to very thin women. Not that I don't find or haven't found skinny women to be pretty or beautiful, not at all. I'm talking pure sexual attraction. I like bigger girls. I like women who look like they've gone through puberty and not puberty via a shitload of lipo and some huge tits.

Even amongst a lot of the "alternative" models I see there's not a lot of diversity as far as bodies go. It's pretty disheartening to me. I get more enjoyment out of seeing the hot girls on Torrid than I do a lot of the time at supposedly "erotic" websites etc. It makes me kind of sad. However I don't really blame the purveyors of these sites at all.

I am realistic about these things and I know what is and is not largely (no pun intended) marketable. So that's that.

And you know I really hate to be a complainer. I hate to be one of those people who will bitch and piss and moan about something without ever taking the time to try and do something about it. Especially people who complain about the lack of diversity in any given thing.

That said I do often think about and try to actively look for something I can do. I'm not sure what. I don't have the time nor do I have the desire to start my own site. I also don't really have a desire to be a model in any serious way. At this point I'd do some cute,kinky tease sort of photos for fun. I'd pimp some clothes fetish or otherwise. But I am too old and scarred to go flashing it all on film.

I think that's about it.

Tomorrow I'm going to change my affiliate links to stuff I actually like aside from my webhosting. And I think (even though I have a pretty small readership) I'm going to put up a Pic of the day from Spooky Links. Cause someof them girls is hawt.

And I promise I will make them links so I'm semi worksafe to read.

Homo Out.

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