Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Well then

So to recap for those of you playing along at home working graveyard has been pretty rough. My days blend together and updating with any sense of coherent thought is hard.

That said.

I bought some mascara on ebay because I am boycotting my favorite kind. I decided a few weeks ago not to purchase anything else from Maybelline New York because of their lack of diversity in their lines and their lackluster response to my letter. So while searching I decided to be big pimping for a change and I bought some Loreal Flextencils. That shit retails for 22$ and I got it for $9.90 out the door.

As far as make up goes if I wear nothing else I will wear mascara. I like big huge lashes and the Flextencils makes good on the promise of having "bigger, bolder, sexier than ever before, this ultra-curving PowerSHAPE™ formula with patented brush gives lashes up to 30% more visible length with an eye-opening 30º curve*. For extra-long, extra-curved lashes that look extraordinarily glamorous." (That's from the Sephora blurb)

Good stuff. If I had the money I would actually pay full price for it.

My darling and beautiful Cookie bought me some i.d. bareMinerals Foundation because we were talking foundation and I've yet to find one that can survive my skin for more than a few hours and not feel like fucking pancake.

For those who haven't known me forever I have extraordinarily oily skin. Yes the plus side is that I won't age until I'm 75 at this rate but the downside is that my skin eats make up alive. It takes a seriously good thing (other than liquid liner) that my skin won't just absord or that won't wipe off and make a huge mess.

For the last few years I've relied mostly on CoverGirl's pressed powder for my coverage and Cornsilk for the shine. These days since my skin has actually cleared up quite a bit the Covergirl has been a bit heavy so here I'm trying the bareMinerals since that is the latest and greatest thing.

It's harder to apply than they say. To get it even so it doesn't look weird is a little difficult. I don't quite have that down yet. And I can't apply it just after cleansing because I have peely spots. But because my skin is as oily as it is I don't moisturize but once a day and that's before bed.

I am impressed with the color. While my skin isn't hard to match per se frequently if it's not make up aimed at women of color there can be hints of chalky or ashiness. Or that terrible strange yellowy undertone. Which works great if you have it. If you don't it just looks weird.

Skin wise I've finally got the texture thing mostly under control. But, I still am having problems with hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately most of the women in my family are prone to dark spots on the face and it's very frustrating.

If you've not had it (or you're not black) consider it a roadmap of every little blemish or other thing left on your face.

It's not great.

I've tried many many things to combat this. Fade creams. Skin tone evening cleansing regimes. Fade gels. Daily exfoliation. None of it has worked so far.

It's very frustrating. Especially when there is a lot of misinformation out there. Not to mention products that can be dangerous and cause burns etc.

So I think my next fairly large purchase as I mentioned a few entries ago will probably be one of those microdermabrasion home kits.

Yes I know I"m fucking vain. Screw off.

I think that's about it for tonight. I have hot soup sitting in front of me and I can't be arsed to write anymore tonight.

Homo Out.

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