Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Black Rage

Everyone should do my Johari window. It makes me feel loved.

Not much else to say really. My eyes are bothering me. Between the foul air in my place of employment and crappy contact lenses lets just say I am a snotty teary mess.

I have been cruising around and it's really astonishing how few black hair/self care companies do not have websites. I don't really understand that. They really should. If I was able to order more hair care products online I'd be all about it.

Oh wow I just groaned and sounded like a Yeti. It's probably a good thing I"m here by myself tonight.

What was I going to say?

Right black hair care products.

Another thing I find odd is that in most stores they smoosh everything related to being black into a specialty "ethnic" area. Skin care, hair care anything marketed specifically to black people all together there. With the exception of Pantene Relaxed and Natural shampoos. They get their own little brown area amongst the rest of the Pantene products.

Not one store has been able to tell me why they do that. If it's not scary to put the Pantene for black folks in with the other shampoos why not put the rest of them in the appropriate sections? I've gotten mealy mouthed answers usually to the tune of, "well it's easier to find if we put it all together." Whatever. Fuck off.

While i'm on the subject of things that chap my black ass let's talk about Amazon shall we?

I realize that they have whatever googlymook thing that comes up with their recommendations. Now based on what I look at on Amazon and wishlist would you (as a regular joe) start jamming my recommendations list with those fucking "urban" romance novels?

First of all I don't care if you're black or white or what. From what I've read a good number of those books are mother fucking asinine.

Second of all, why would you recommend me a romance novel when I have not purchased or expressed any interest in them in the past say six years I've shopped Amazon?

Third, just because the system has figured out I must be black (since I have some black hair and skin care books on my wishlist) that I MUST be a Christian who loves to read shitty romance novels and who needs to read everything related to the "urban" experience.

What...the..FUCK is wrong with these people?

It offends me in that "it took me about two weeks to decide how I feel about that" kind of way.

Is it unreasonable to expect a non human thing to keep with previous trends and put shit I actually would be interested in on my list or is that too much to expect. It's irritating.

If you've not read me or don't know me I do actually have a sense of humour about race and racism. Usually it comes out kind of mean. When I feel the stare, I will say things that make people nervous even though it shouldn't because I'm usually laughing at the time.

For instance in Fred Meyer's one day I was examining the label on something and this woman was just giving me this look that was half puzzled and half, "oh my god". Then as I walked past her I said to Byootiful, "I'm gonna lose it..."(I started skipping at this point and giggling)"black raaaage black raaaage." He laughed. Another lady laughed. The woman who'd been staring at me looked terrified.

I like making people squirm.

So anyhow getting off of my moment of black rage there I made myself a wishlist on Hips and Curves. If you don't know Hips and Curves is a fabulous plus sized lingerie webstore. They have hot drawers, hot models and meh prices.

My wishlist is here. Feel free to go have a looksy.

I don't know my measurements so I think buying panties from there might be risky. There is not as much junk in my trunk as could be.

What else?

I don't watch the show but I somehow wound up looking at The Tyra Banks Show page and wandered into her little journal. I am pleased to announce that Tyra Banks has a Dimply Booty. Have to love her. She's shown herself looking none too hot and I love her for her love of other women. Check out the link for her plus sized model search too. I can't hate a woman who loves bigger girls as much as I do.

I read the "news" about the big bad sex "cult" in the UK and was pretty disappointed to find it was just people into Gor. Mistress Matisse had interesting things to say about it. I mention it because I've just started reading her blog again after forgetting to read it for quite awhile. I have read her column in The Stranger for a very long time. I've always enjoyed that she's got a sexy brain.

The left sleeve of my sweater is wet and I don't know how I did it.

I think I'm going to have to go to Ebay to find some fucking sunglasses I like. I am highly photo sensitive and all the trendy sunglasses I've seen in the stores are way too light. I had the most fabulous pair of Jackie O Esque sunglasses that I actually had for almost four years before I broke them. I loved them so much.

*Insert moment of silence here*

When it comes time to get new glasses I think I'm going to have the same sort of problem. The glasses I love and that look good on me lean more towards horn rimmed and bigger as opposed to all the tiny wire frame weird lens shaped glasses around. I'd love to find a pair of vintage frames and have lenses put in them but way too many places just don't do that anymore. Nor I found is it less expensive than brand new frames. That sucks.

I am freaking exhausted.

And gmail just ate the email I was writing to Polly. Bloody hell.

Email tomorrow Polly.

I am going to pee on the floor.

And I think I'm spent.

Homo Out.

And remember kids right click and open in another window on my links so you don't have to go back and forth. or use Firefox.

Goodnight Sally.


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