Monday, June 12, 2006

Blame The Words

I've been doing some reading lately that is fucking astounding. I wrote up a short review of the last Selby book I read I'll post it at the bottom of this entry. All I'm going to say is that Selby fucking kills me.

I'm really not feeling so hot tonight and I'm exhausted. I can't sleep for shit. Ah the sweet refrain of Shannon's rampant insomnia causing serious stabbyness.


Oh and lest I forget to post it again you can read my latest publication at Zygote In My Coffee, a poem entitled Bitches. Incidentally you can click on that and it'll open in another window. I discovered it's just easier to insert my target=blank tag that way.

Also I think I've got an idea about what I want to do with my life. Sort of. Aside from writing of course.

I have to share that though my new bag is very cute it is alas a little too small. It is not sized for oversized paperbacks which is a shame because I hate my readin list being pruned by book size.

I'm currently reading >Bang! by Rollins . I've been an avid Rollins fan for years both his music and writing. This book in particular though perhaps because of my mood burns. Reading him sometimes though it's painful it's enlightening. I'd like to wring his fucking neck sometimes. Not out of any sort of hatred or anger but more because literarily speaking his books are bloody and meaty. He reminds me and exposes me darkness I know intimately but, don't always want to look at in the face.

It hurts but it feels good.

Maybe I'm more of a masochist than I let on to. I do a lot of what can be termed as heavy reading. I want to read things that put a knife in my heart and leave it there. If I don't feel it in some visceral way it's just not worth it to me.

What else?

Yes it's another one of those entries. I'm exhausted and only have another hour and change of work. Trying to pass the time.

Is it just me or is Myspace like fucking smack? Try it twice and you're fucking hooked.

So I'm working on this series of erotic vignettes that are told from the point of view of a consort to the Gods/esses. Basically someone the Dieties in question created to screw. I've got quite the Pantheon going. Thus far I've started stories for Loki, Osiris and Isis, Pele (she is a kinky bitch), Odin and some others. The going on this is slow because the stories are sort of all happening at once in my head and it's fucking crowded.

Not to mention the LSD parable I've been working on for ages.

I usually keep writing related babbling relegated to LJ but since LJ can be such a fantastic slice of crap sometimes figured I'd share here as well for once.

I've also been reworking some stuff I've been doing for years now. Short story on that is it's a semi-Lovecraftian myth re-interpretation. Wow that sounded a little pretentious didn't it? Anyhow I've got almost thirty of these stories all together I think and wrote a new one sort of recently. It's a good one I enjoyed doing it.

Have a look at the new one here. Do remember however that it is as yet unedited. And not for the faint of heart.

I'd also like to share that I'm really unimpressed with having breasts right now since they are in my motherfucking way.

I've seen some very good films lately. I highly recommend the following: Inside Deep Throat. An excellent documentary about the ground breaking porn movie Deep Throat. Not for the kids. TransAmerica. A wonderfully non campy film about a m-to-f transsexual and her son. Excellent film. Those are the only two that I recall titles for at the moment.

I think that's it I blew my wad. Find my Selby review below. I think I'm going to email Henry Rollins and try not to fall out on the floor.

Homo Out.

The Room by Hubery Selby Jr. by Shannon Barber
The Room by Hubert Selby Jr is a slow painful ride into Hell. This isn't the path to the fiery pits but, to null. In this book Selby presents a man who is slowly and inexorably losing his mind in prison. The Room is no fast paced page turner, this book isn't for those seeking instant literary gratification. Both the pace and Selby's style of little punctuation and long thick paragraphs can make for a tedious read at times but, in my opinion this book is worth sticking with.

The Room delves into the sick fantasies of a man locked not only in prison but in his own head. His decline is vividly and painfully described in scenes that run the gambit from bittersweet memories of first sexual fumblings to highly detailed sado-masochistic visions of vengance. All in all The Room delivers. I recommend this book for those willing to take the long way to madness.


polly said...

Interesting writing there, thank you.

Your Loving Lyricist, Anthony said...
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Your Loving Lyricist, Anthony said...

Hi Shannon,

I just finished reading "Bitches". Fierce work. Inspiring, actually. Perhaps some day soon, I'll get my ass in gear and write something new too (grins). Thanks for being you.

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