Thursday, June 01, 2006

Burn it all

I haven't done this in awhile but here's a little bit of what I've been working on the last couple of weeks. Call it, ghetto noir if you like.

A man stands atop the roof of a burnt out car, arms raised to the dark sky face tilted up at the stars, his blue eyes glowing like used up neon.

"Fear me for I walk amongst you."

The girl squatting over a corpse with her forefinger knuckle deep in what was left of its eyesocket looks up and shakes her head.

"Fucking dumbass. You finished?"

I wince when I see what she is doing and climb down carefully, my mouth screwed up, unable to look away.

"Jeeze what are you doing?"

The girl looks at me again, her eyes blank for a moment as if I'd said something to her in Cantonese.

"I'm trying to see if I can get ahold of his optic nerve. Those are chewy."

That's the new story.

And it's fair to say I'm pretty obsessed.

And I think I'm going to start calling Anthony Flame. Yes I find that fitting.

Lysergia folks I hope you're ok.

I love everyone right now.

Mainly because I'm high on antihistemines.

Homo Out.

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polly said...

Loser In.


So, is it okay to link to you? Also, could I have your email address?

*bats eyelids*

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