Thursday, June 29, 2006


While I'm working out some shit an experiment.

Okay so I joined one of those referral/survery for money things. I would like to make twenty dollars in the next three weeks. I also am very interested to see if this shit actually works at all then write an essay/article about it.

If you would like to join please click my stupid banner and also please leave a comment. I can screen them if need be. Then after the 3 weeks or so are up (payouts are round the 20th) I'd like to know what you thought about it. The proliferation of this sort of thing amazes me and I want to know if it works.

So...yeah clickit.

Get Instant Profitz!

I will add a banner here somewhere with my stats as I go along.

Thank you and goodnight.

My head is going to pop.

For reference:
I think I've decided what I actually want to be when I grow up, (aside from a writer that is) and it's kind of fucking with my head.


Freaking out- Yes.
Not ready to talk about it- Hell yes.
Needing some alone think time- Yes again.

I will be (more) incommunicado for a few days while I work it out some.

Homo out.

1 comment:

lysergia said...

that sounds really heavy.
i'm curious, of course!
i wish i knew what i wanna do when i grow up. and i'm supposed to be 36.

(and i was SO hoping for that BAM!)


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