Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fizzit and hookers.

I'm sitting here drinking Hansen's Fizzit vitamin/mineral energy drink. Trying to stay semi alert for the rest of the night.

It's not going well.

The Fizzit is part of me trying to have a better diet. I've been succeeding mostly but, it's hard to eat well when the good food you like is so fucking expensive. My take on the ease of being poor and healthy is as follows:

"You're poor? Well fuck you."

Actually that sums up a lot of my feelings about being poor.

Add into it my increasing insomnia and you get survey says: depression.

Not to mention my general malaise of malcontentedness which all adds up to me being crankier than usual and pretty anti-social. It's a shame because with the nice weather it's prime for going out but I just don't feel like it. Nor can I really afford it.

In lieu of further whining about my economic status I'm going to talk about sex work.

My wonderful BoyVenus and his as yet un-nicknamedbyme girlfriend sent me a care package full of books. One of them (the first I'm reading) is Whores and Other Feminists edited by Jill Nagle. I very seriously believe this book should be required reading for anyone wanting to do or currently doing any sex work. Also I think people opposed to any kind of sex work need to read it as well.

In all of the anti-porn, sex-negative, anti-(insert sex related thing here) talk often the human face of whatever it is, is ignored and forgotten. That is to me the downfall of any movement. If you are violently opposed to say abortion, I find it crucial to use some empathy and remember the other people in your argument. I find it disgusting that with so many hot button issues the human aspect is left out or worse debased.

When it comes to sex work issues I'm appalled at what I've heard intelligent kind human beings say. The stigma of being involved in the sex industry whether it's modeling, porn, phone sex, stripping, prostitution, escorting etc is so unnecessary. I don't really understand the arguments. Especially here in America. Supposedly this is the land of the free and the home of the brave unless you want to do something your neighbor doesn't like. Then, fuck you, Uncle Sam is going to spank you and tell you no.

I cannot stand the billions of dollars that are wasted yearly prosecuting sex work. And drugs use. America seems to enjoy over looking the fact that prohibition of any kind in this country just does not work. Drugs are illegal? People take them anyway. Jail them? Many will do drugs when they get out. It's absurd.

I believe sex work should be legalized period. What consenting adults do or do not do with each other is none of anyone's business but the people involved.

If that's not clear enough-

If I want to pay a beautiful woman to fuck me while I wear stars and stripes high heels and scream the national anthem at the top of my lungs who's business is it but mine and the lovely I pay to do it?

If I want to go home roll a joint and smoke it why is it any of your business?

It all makes me ill.

I absolutely do not believe that morality can be legislated.

Yes you can cover the basics to keep your population in relative safety and to discourage crime but, you cannot dictate to another human being what their personal code of ethics and morals will be. Not if they are your neighbor not if they are your child.

Parents raise their children, they teach them, they care for them, they learn from them and hope that when those children are adults that they are capable, whole and wonderful people. But any parent of a teenager or adult can tell you straight up you cannot force someone to become someone they are not.

It just doesn't work.

I think as part of my trying to make my own life better I might start writing more about these kinds of things.

I'm also thinking about starting an independent beauty/fashion blog. Unaffiliated with this one. Mainly product reviews, tips etc. I've been talking about using Wordpress and I think it might prove to be a good learning experience.

Not to mention we all know I am a beauty/fashion/DIY/be fabulous on the cheap WHORE. Yes, I am.

I can babble on about skin care, make up, hair care etc for hours. HOURS. Folks. Why not put it to good use?


Believe it or not this has taken me three hours. I am so tired, keeping a train of thought is difficult.

I have emails for Pollyland and Miss Paige. I know I said that the other day but I've really not been feeling so hot at all. My anti-sleep schedule is wearing me down. Hopefully this is one of those cyclical bouts of chronic insomnia and I will recover and/or just get some good fucking sleep soon.

And where is Miss TuffTitties? I was thinking about you. She for those who don't know is one seriously (I mean deadly) hot lady.


Okay one more hour and I'm just going to babble until I run out of steam.

I'll let you all in on a secret. I know some of you have probably seen those things where it tells you that whatever you wanted to be as a young kid is probably what you were supposed to do with your life?

As a child I wanted to be the following:
1.) A burlesque performer ala Gypsy Rose Lee.
3.)Lounge singer.
4.)cultural Anthropologist.
5.)Forensic Anthropologist.

That's all I can remember at the moment. To date I have done a little of the naked dancing. I write.

I haven't done the lounge singer thing. Although I frequently subject Mike to throaty tenor renditions of things. Or on occasion make a jaw drop or two and go do Elvis' version of Fever.

I also decided tonight while reading Twisted Monk's blog that I want to be suspsended like the photo in his last entry. No boobies in the photo. But, if you have folks sensitive to seeing a grown person hanging upside down probably look at it later. Anyhow.

I've never really been into serious rope bondage before. Yes I've been tied up here and there but never anything like shibari. I have always had quite the artistic appreciation of rope bondage. I love to see photos of and have seen live people in stunning set ups but not done it myself. And I have decreed that I will have someone suspend me like that. It will happen. If I have to show random people my boobies until someone offers.

Speaking of bondage I also think I want to get one of those wedge liberator pillows. (I am too lazy to find the link google it). Those things look like fun. I will be greatly relieved to get our stuff (yes I"m referring to our sex toys) out of storage. We have this toy by Hustler that I can't remember the name of but it's got two parts. One medium sized silver egg and then this fabulous flexi wand thing. They have a central controller and two cords and fucking rock.

Anything flexi-wand=G spot mother fucking gymnastics. Once I found my gspot having gspot orgasms is actually pretty easy for me. A thing that I thank the Goddess of Orgasm for every day. I am one of the extraordinarily lucky women who can climax from penetration alone or clitoral stimulation or both at the same time. (WEEEEEEE!).

Aren't you glad you read this far so you can read about my pussy?

Yes I thought so.

Speaking of I actually trimmed the other day. I took more of my precious pubies than I'd intended to. It's kind of like when shaving your head or face. One oops and you just have to keep going. I'm not really excited about it. I'd like my pubies, even the half that are white, to grow back now please.

Isn't there a pubic hair fairy out there somewhere?

If anyone says Merkin I will smite you.

And I think I'm spent now. I'm tired. Almost time to go home.

And to wrap it up a little Bustabusmothafuckin Rhymes for Busty Rusty-

Pop yo' collars like this
Bottles up like this
Side to side like this
Holla if ya like this

And Homo Out.

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