Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Interweb explorations

So I've been doing some interweb cruising and I'm going to share my links of doom.

Fair warning some of these are adult in nature.

Doing a little fantasy shopping to get my mind of off other troubles.

A little bloggy exploration.

Let's cover shopping first just in case some person with more money than they know what to do with wants to buy me shiny things.

We all know by now that Shannon=bootwhore.

I could always use a pair of these fabulous boots. They are a staple I think. I used to have a pair of black velvety ones but I wore them so much they finally gave out. Not to mention they were a size too big and I had to put tissue in the toes.

I also really love the Demonia Jungle boots. Those would be fabulous for day to day wear. I love teh canvas upper on those.

The Demonia Multi Strap Reaper's make me wet. Those are some ass stomping boots right there. I'd wear them with something a little frilly.

Really I'm not so into huge heels anymore. Mainly because unless I do wind up doing a boot fetish tease site or start modeling (both a bit unlikely at this point) I'd have nowhere to wear them aside from around the house. That's not to say I couldn't be persuaded to do some club hopping but it takes preparation.

And oh my good LORD have mercy on me I want these latex stockings, Those are absolutely hot looking. I highly suggest taking a look round that site because Imp of Satan has some beautiful clothing. Mmmm shiny.

Color me impressed Howcool features an actual plus sized (well sort of plus sized, plus sized in the sense of being larger than their usual models) in one of their plus sized fashions. One of the more unfortunate things about most lingerie, fetish wear etc websites is that most of them don't use actual plus sized models.

The worst is when they use badly photoshopped pictures or worse have the product modeled on someone nowhere near the sizing advertised.

Fetish photography too is getting pretty boring to me. The standard body types really just don't do it for me. While I appreciate the beauty of a particular model and the skill of the photographer, I get bored. I can only look at so much ribs and hipbones before I just get bored. I find it very disappointing that something that has the possiblity of being so wide open still conforms to standard beauty ideals. Toss in some pale skin a few piercings or some latex and all of a sudden it's "fetish".

Okay now where was I? SHopping right-o.

I found a local company I really want some things from. Fetish Wear. Lovely stuff and sizing that isn't what I call LA sizing. Her size large isn't equivilant to a fucking size 6 and it's refreshing. Not to mention...OH shiny.

That makes me wonder if I can learn to sew with latex.

I'm distracted again.

Now for some blogs.

I read Mistress Matisse as I think I've mentioned before. From her journal I started reading her partner Monk who is a maker of fine hemp rope. His shop had a fire not too long ago but they are bouncing back and I'm really glad about that.

Good stuff.

I also read Black as My Soul. He is a very interesting man. I've read his journal for probably two years or so.

Okay while I've been writing this I've been doing some online sundry shopping and have come across something that really makes me angry.

An as yet unnamed website (not sure how much of a cow I want to have about it yet) has ONE black hair care product. One. Uno. They have everything else in the world you might want unless of course you're black.

Now I have a dilemma. I want the good prices on my cleanser, vitamins etc but it really makes me angry that they don't have any hair or skin care that I might want due to my blackness.

Being a conscious consumer and trying to do my little bit is really taxing sometimes. I'm poor so economics tend to win out over ethical/moral concerns with companies has to take a backseat. It's the same thing with food. Yes I love and support organic and sustainable farming and foods but, the shit is fucking expensive.

I just can't bring myself to pay more for two apples than I do for two meals for two people.

Being poor and having the want to be an activist and DO something rather than just complain about it really sucks sometimes.

Goddamn it my mood that was already sour to start with just turned worse.

Homo Out.

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