Monday, June 05, 2006

People piss me off...

Oh the calamity that the interweb celebrity can bring.

The following isn't really directed at one individual but at quite a few I've run across in the Blue Nowhere.

Okay, maybe this makes me a snob and a mean ranty little bitch but, I don't really care. If you are going to run around all over teh interweb proclaiming how: beautiful, fabulous, intelligent, intellectual, sexy, professional, outstanding, unbelievably hot, smart, funny, talented, all singing all dancing, all super titty having, big dicked, evil, cool, bad ass, evil supergeniusly inclined, the hottest (insert thing here) anyone has EVAR seen, cash slinging, bling wearing son of a bitch there ever was.

During your ego mastubatory proclamation please for the love of things fluffy and sacred...


I realize that could involve cutting and pasting. It could involve using the Google tool bar, or any number of freely available places to find a handy little java script text box that will do it for you. But goddamn it if you are going to be the uber piece of internet ass next motherfucking superstar of the universe, please spell check it.

I cannot even begin to tell any of you how many myspace, lj, personal web spaces I have been through and been so disappointed I wanted to smash something.

Now I am the first to admit that sometimes my spelling sucks. Yes folks sometimes I spell about as well as a drunk monkey on acid trying to write in Aramaic.

But, I am also the first person to tell you that. If you've read any of my journals regularly I make fun of my own spelling all the time.

Now. If you the above made you giggle a little have no fear I am not talking about you. In fact I probably like you.

However, if you took offense and have decided that I am a mean, snobby cunt. Psst...maybe you should pop yer text into the spell checker thinger and know correct that shit?

To distill my ranty goodness here into one succint point. I have no problem with self confidence, no problem with bragging or even the occasional self exultation. But, please folks for the sake of my blood pressure and vision please- spell it correctly.

I am cross posting this to my regular journal.

Now...really goodnight Frank.

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