Friday, June 16, 2006

Random much?

Out of the six people who read this blog I believe probably 3 know me personally. So instead of talking about boots, boobs, or my gayness explicitly it's going to be some random-you-probably-don't-need-to-know-about-me sort of things.

First thing since it's playing right now. Albinoni's Adagio in G minor makes me want to cry. I don't have any bad or sad memories to go along with it but everytime I hear it I want to cry.

There is more than one piece of classical music that I love so much I could probably conduct it and do a reasonable job. I also idolized Leopold Stokowski for a very very long time from a very very young age.

Music means more to me than I can really express to people. A lot of my thinking, memories, etc revolve around music. I can talk about music forever and usually bore people within five minutes unless they too are fond of the music geekery.

I love some songs/albums so much I will listen to them until everyone in my immediate vicinity hate me, hate the song/album and want to gouge out my eyes.

As many times as I threaten to pee on (insert thing/person/movie/website here) a day I have actually peed on something out of vengance. Drunk boys+beer+anger at roommate=Me peeing on someones car.

Almost every morning upon getting home I have the same routine. I pee and then take off my shoes, socks and pants. Regardless of what kind of shirt I have on. And usually I don't lose the shirt and bra until I start to fall asleep.

The smell of Ck1 makes me want to punch someone in the face.

Some people have the same effect on me. It's an instant visceral thing. I'm not sure what it is about some people but, I do want to just hit them in the face.

Said punching may or may not also involve a quick fantasy about bending said person over and screwing the daylights out of them.

I have been known to make strangers cry. And if you are an asshole in public needlessly I have no qualms about pointing it out to you and whomever else is around. Sometimes in a polite way others simply by saying something like, "you really don't need to be such an asshole." I used to be terrible about going nuclear on people in public but, as I get older I have gotten calmer. Somewhat.

I have been known to commit random acts of smooching tipsy or sober. Some people just need to get smooched and I am just the lady to do it.

I LOVE bald women. A woman with a shaved head makes me moist in my pants region.

I curse a lot.

No, I mean a lot. These are very very foul lips.

I talk to various parts of my body. As in I will look at my boobs and say, "Will you bitches please behave." Or I've been known to bend over and say to my uterus, "Okay it's not funny anymore stop it."

Other phrases that have been heard out of my mouth more than once:

"Can't hear you I'm peeing."

While watching Mike try to tell me something he couldn't think of, as he's gesturing I said..."magic?"

"Move LaoWai." (Chinese slang for foreigners)

I do little booty dances everywhere. If there's music playing it's worse.

I will quote lyrics at people for no apparant reason. Usually ones I doubt they will know.

When I'm tired I get more tactile than I am normally. If I'm shopping I will pet things/people.

I'm very easily amused. I will play with things, lately it's been a bit of memory foam we got in the mail. I can't leave it alone for some reason.

Okay I'm just babbling now. Mainly because I'm exhausted. Since I started out talking about my readership I'll do that a bit more. I lost quite a few readers when DX bit the proverbial big one. Given that I'm not always dirty, I don't show boobs, I don't really talk about politics or TV or celebrities I don't expect a huge number of readers.

I stopped for a bit and forgot my point.

Anyhow. I need to fix up my little links area there. I don't think my blogroll is big enough because I read a lot of blogs. And the ones I read regularly I forgot to put in my blogroll and the damn thing is kinda fugly. So next week I'll be getting my geek on and getting that side area fixed up some. Put the buttons all next to each other and whatnot.

Most of my point now is that I want this to be an interesting place with things to read aside from my own frequently inane rantings. So yeah.

And I think I'm spent my right eye feels gritty and looks like I've been poking myself in it. It's my right eye because that side of my face is in the direct line of fire of one of the nastier than nasty air vents so it takes the msot abuse.


Homo Out.


Miss Paige said...

Hey girl,
I have to say that reading this made me miss you even more! I remember you petting things while we shop. Us dancing and smooching at random malls & bus stops. God Ii miss you! Do you have a phone that I can call you at yet? Do you have any IM services & we could chat that way. I have two concerts this weekend. I know that you are very busy, but there are few people that I would like to see more than my beautiful black queen (& they are littl estinky boys who live here! he he). Ryan will be at Sunday's show. Message me in some manner if you might be able to sneak away for a couple of hours for a show. Did I tell you that we'll be at the Benaroyal Hall singing Carmina Burana in the Spring?
I love you & I hope you are well.
Miss Paige

Cut off all my yellow locks said...

You're have a dedicated readership of a least a dozen polly people!

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