Monday, July 24, 2006

Days and Days

Not only is that a reference to the fact that I haven't updated in awhile it's also one of my favorite Concrete Blonde songs ever.

So I've not been doing anything all that exciting really. Mainly trying not to fucking melt in this heat. This isn't dry clean heat it's nasty sweat until you feel soggy, then sweat some more kind of heat.

I've also been enjoying the fact that my stint on graveyard is coming to a close.

I also get to see my GIRL cookay. I haven't seen her since the summer before last because the ho lives in Arizona. I got to see her tonight and we're doing a thing later on too.

I also have to share that I've been listening to some really good Goth-ish online radion. Go visit this place:

Click To Visit!

Good stuff. And I believe those folks are local which I think is cool as well.


Wow I had a whole rant type thing all plotted in my head but I think I'll skip it tonight and do it tomorrow. I've been reading up on gender theory and I've got some shit to say. But I'll do it tomorrow.

Considering I work for a fucking telcom company I really hate talking on the phone. I've hated it for a few years now.

I also have to say that I've been cruising some fat-positive websites etc and I have to say that like almost all of the activist websites I've been to at some point someone has to get shitty because someone else is doing something they don't approve of. That really pisses me off.

I think if you are going to be a part of a "supportive" community do that. I don't think you need to agree with everyone or be a yes person but, just because someone does something you don't necessarily approve of that does not give you the right to automtically jump their shit and make them feel bad.

In some of these fat positive groups it's been because someone has mentioned losing weight. I watched one poor girl just get fucking reamed because she was really excited about losing some weight. What all save 2 people did was immediatly go off on her about not being "really" fat positive without asking the circumstances or about her health or anything. The two people who did inquire about her health got her to talk about how she's been having serious issues with her joints and she is feeling better and just wants to be healthy not thin.

Fuck sake.

I've seen the same thing happen in forums dedicated to black hair care. Often a simple question can turn into yet another relaxed vs natural debate. Frankly I was done having that debate 15 years ago. There are few things that will invoke my wratch more quickly than people assigning political statements.

For the record.

I relax my hair and have since childhood. My hair is not breaking off, it is not dull dry or damaged at this point. I do not relax my hair because I hate naps. I love naps actually. My hair is too thick for me to manage naturally on my own and I cannot afford a stylist.

So fuck off.

Speaking of hair being so sweaty all weekend my hair was HUGE. Like FLOOF. I actually had to wet it, put my new conditioner mix in it just to get it tamed enough to put it in mini puffs.

My GODs I have a lot of hair.

Um what else?

I'm not wearing a bra.

My tank top has a built in underwire bra and it's quite good.

And I broke a nail.

Mother fuck.

Okay I'm spent. I have to pee.

Homo Out.

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polly said...

It's always a good day when I get a nudemuse update. I agree with the rant. No sooner have we got a party and we've got a party line. I know. Sad.

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