Friday, July 14, 2006

Down for life

I'm trying to listen to hip hop and hte online streaming station I've got going is fucking censored.

That pisses me off.


Okay in a nutshell (HA nut..pun intended) I am still crazy, not dead, not feeling so hot, tired and confused.

As I mentioned a few entries ago I believe I've figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Well one of the things anyway. I'm not really ready to talk about it at length just yet. I'm sort of savoring the feeling that I got some of it figured out.

I also have decided that come hell or motherfucking high water I will do some dancing. I have a bunch of belly dance videos that One Hung Lo downloaded for me, which means of course I'm going to have to get in shape.

In let's say....ten years (by the time I'm 40) I want serious muscle and control and I want to shake it like you can't understand. Google Rachel Brice, Fat Chance Bellydance etc. Watch some YouTube videos get the idea.

Hahaaa VICTORY IS MINE! I found an uncensored station.

My GrandMama hate em but my Lil Mama Love em.

What? Where was I?




No dancing. Right.

Word from on high has come down that my stint working graveyard will be over soonish. As in within two months. I'm very glad for that.

This week has been pretty crappy. My back (sciatic nerve to be exact)has been hurting like a son of a bitch. Also our water heater in the apartment broke and it took two days to get it replaced. Doesn't sound like much but when your stank ass wants a shower and there's no hot water two days is forever.

Add in some constipation that would make any sane person angry and there you have my week thus far.

Good points.

Torrid is having their huge sale. I bought something.....wait for it...wait for it......


You saw that right.

Motherfucking pink.

I bought a light pink and black bustier. I've been secretly lusting after it for months and it was 11 bucks so I had to get it. Now whether or not I will wear it, that is a whole other question.

I also got some pants, a skirt and one of those sexy hankerchief tops. I was going to post pics but it looks like they ran out of the stuff I bought so I have good timing.

I think this model is fucking hot. I'd hit that.


I have to admit sometimes I cruise Lane Bryant and Torrid not to look at clothing but to ogle hot fleshy models. Sad isn't it? I'm like a 13 year old boy with the Sears catalog.

I can't help it.

I like them tig ole bitties you know.

I can hear people now, "yes Shannon we know. You like big boobies. You like any boobies."

GOddamn that song Temprature by Sean Paul is the fucking shit. Everytime I hear it I like it better. I did actually have to stop typing stand up behind my desk and shake it for a couple of minutes.

Sean Paul is a sexy fucker.

It's that pretty little mouth of his. I'd like to see/make it do filthy things.

I don't care what kind of non dancing ass you have, you know it makes you wiggle your bottom half.

And probably say a la Bender:

"What's happening to my human ass?"

Did I just completely show my geek there or what? Yes I own every single episode of Futurama.

Bite my shiny metal ass.

Speaking of sexy.

The video of that Daddy Yankee song...uh...not Gasolina but the other one is hot. Girls in booty shorts and boots carrying bats. Fucking bats people.

Scantily clad big booty women with weapons turn me on. I know. You probably already figured that out.

You'll notice this post is pretty much devoid of anything deep. Mainly because I'm not really feeling it right now. Not that I don't have a shitload to talk about but, I really don't feel like busting the dam right now. It'll all come out frothy and filthy and incoherent. Not that I make sense have the time but yeah.

My new hobby is cruising google video. Pretty amusing if your connection can take the invasion.

Hallelujah it's 4. Two more hours then I'm off for home to get myself a big fucking cup of coffee then trudge down the hill to do some laundry.

I am such a party girl.

I think that's it I'm spent.

Homo Out.

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