Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blatant consumerist greed.

I didn't get much sleep again and, I'm a little depressed so I'm going to do nothing but write about things I want. This entry is going to be entirely vacuous, if you want deep read someone else today.

Let's start with hosiery. I'm not sure how many of these will be work/kiddie safe so here we go.

Skull Knee high socks could those be any fucking cuter?

O Basic socks. love those. I'd need them in black, lavender and probably that lovely color pictured.

Sock It To Me Soccer Stripes. Simply for the cuteness factor.

Authentic Military Boot Socks. Cause yeah HI bootwhore here.

Thick & Baggy Longsocks. Thick and "baggy" I'd need the leg room I've got big legs. Love those they look so comfy.

Black Bow back thigh highs. I love thigh highs. You can't have enough of them I say.

Let's move onto boots and shoes shall we?

Black wedge heeled boots. Those are very sexy. Since I walk so much anything with too much of a heel is very impractical.

Linda Commando boots. Those are kick ass. Nuff said.

Tomb Raider boots. So fucking sexy.

Chunky platform boot. Once upon a time I had a pair of those and they were so comfy. I could stomp around in them forever.

Retro peep toe sling back. Speaking of sexy those are teh hotness right there. What did I say about heels again?

Gothic Lolita wedge platform shoe. I love the profile of that shoe. And it comes in SHINY!

Now let's move onto skirts and dresses. In the last few years I've had a waning love of pants.

Bondage Bitch skirt. That is adorable.

Countess Noir Skirts. I'd want both the medium and short length. I love the floof.

Embraced skirt. Another one to love simply for the floof factor.

Locked Skirt. Yes it would be better in purple and black but I love it anyhow.

Rapture Skirt. Oh GOD the floof. I'm a woman obsessed.

Velvet Rouched Vira Skirt That is really beautiful.

DoresshĂ® I like that a lot. Cute cut.

And now some tops. A word on the uber goth tops. When will manufacturers and stores realize that some of uf in the batcave have big titties? So many tops and dresses for that matter are cut for the waifish and small of booby. It pisses me off. Don't even get me started about how small things tend to be cut. < snark > Cause you know fat girls can't be cute.< /snark> Tired of this yet?

Static Skulls long sleeved. I'm not one generally for prints but I like that.

Made in Hell - Bondage top STRAPS!

Punk G'rrrl - Black bondage top. Love that top.

Cap sleeve corset laced top. So cute.

I think I'm done. So you see how I'd dress if I hit the lotto.

I'm a clotheswhore.

Homo Out.

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