Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I don't like the drugs...but actually yes I do.

My Pandora station.. That Pandora thing is pretty kick ass.

But right now I'm not listening to it I'm actually audioscrobbling. What's that you ask? Click on the chart below. That little nifty chart shows you what music I've been listening to. I'm using an old plug in but at home I've got the new one and it's pretty damn fancy.

Nifty innit?

So lately along with my inability to sleep, stress and other general daily bullshit I've had a migraine for two days. I feel nasty and have an undercurrent of anger that's bubbling under the surface.

What might happen? Good question. If I were at home I'd probably request to get fondled by Mike. But as it is that would probably not help at this point. What I actually feel is that I might kick something or burst into tears.

I hate feeling like this. It does me no good and I can't really get things done in an orderly or timely fashion. I feel brittle and transperant. I really need to get some rest and have a little bit less stress. Otherwise I'm liable to blow. And nobody wants that. Nobody.

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