Friday, September 29, 2006

I want a new motherfucking tiara.

As the title says, I want a new motherfucking tiara right motherfucking now. I want one to put on and wear for about three days.


Beacuse sparkly things make me feel better.

I am really stressed out and I would like something sparkly to divert me. I'm working overtime this week and goddamn. I really seriously need the money but I don't want to work. I want to get some rest.

No rest for the improvished no?

Anyway onto some news.

Don't call the head of the NSA an idiot in writing. That is fucking absurd. And people wonder why the American people can get so nutty.

So for any justice types reading this...this is just for you:

George W. Bush is a fucking moron and should've been sterilized at birth to prevent him from spreading his moron seed.

Fuck the NSA, FUCK the rest of you motherfuckers.


Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. What was I going to say?

How about I change the subject because I don't feel like raising my blood pressure.

let's talk about kinks. I have many.

So I was reading Dlisted because that bitch cracks me up. I came on this post about Pink. I have to say I think she is fucking hot all butched up like that. I keep picturing her beating on Carey Hart Possible innit?

Some people I just love all butched up. Girl boy whatever. I think it partially has to do with my whole fetish with LeatherBoys. Who knows.

I also have a serious thing for bald women. And/or crewcut, almost all the way bald. I think it's the fuzz factor and that I'm such a tactile person. If I see a woman with hair that short it's really difficult not to pet her.

Enough kink for now I'm not really in the mood.

Tomorrow I will probably start screwing around with Wordpress.

Last night on my way home I was standing at the bus stop minding my own damn business when some jackass boy came along (walked by me) and muttered, "want some dick?"

He even slowed his stroll a little to say it as if his muttering at me was going to make me SO fucking hot I'd just have to tackle him to the pavement, rip off his pants, rip off my pants and fuck like drunk bunnies. Are there seriously men who think this approach works?

And if it does do you really want to fuck someone who'd get down after a stray snide comment?

I said: "Not yours Junior fuck off."

He actually had the nerve to look hurt.

Okay, for the record boys. This approach to getting laid? Not good. Probably among the top ten bad. Don't do it.

Ugh my Pandora station is not working it today. I may have to switch to Sanctuary or something like it.

There we go. I created a Black Flag Based Station. That makes it a little better.

I think I'm about spent. I'm going to microwave some coffee. I'm tired enough to consider snorting coffee but, I don't want to be sneezing and hawking coffee grounds for a week.

Homo Out.

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