Monday, September 18, 2006

In the never after

I have been nesting all to hell. Trying to make my home feel like home and it's slow going. Mike got my books put away and I'll have to snap a photo of it. Since I don't have proper bookshelves they are on some built in shelves in a closet and I actually like how it looks.

Auctions have been going decently. Not super fast but that is the nature of the beast of course.

Enough to get me some coffee and that makes me happy.

My computer CuntyBeast has been resurrected mostly which I am very very happy about. I've got some work to do on her then once she's online lots and lots to do.

I have a website to redesign and happily I'll be able to open my tshirt shop finally. YAY!

So yeah.

And I have to say that the continuing financial recovery from moving is so slow it's really frustrating. It amazes (and discourages) me to no end that, it's hard to get out of being poor. I've read numerous articles etc about getting out of debt and saving money but, a lot of these assume that you are already in a spot where you can cut more corners.

A lot of these "helpful guildlines" assume that you own things, assume that you are not in ill health, assume that you don't already squeeze almost every penny out of what you have. And it's frustrating to see these "experts" (who much of the time have never even smelled poverty) tell you how easy it is to raise your economic profile.

When you are already at the upper limit of your budget not because of luxurious or frvolous spending but because your cost of living is high. It's hard to cut more out.

So you do what you can.

I am looking for outside hustles. What I mean by that is that I actively am looking for ways to make supplemental cash. Even if it's just ten dollars or so a week. What's unfortunate is that the adage, "you have to make money to earn money" is very true and that's very difficult when you don't have a lot of start up capital for anything.

I've decided based on a long and unfruitful part time job search that, working another job is really just not feasible. Hence the tshirt shop, auctioning (note to self SCREW Safeway brand febreeze type shit and get the real stuff), and other looking about for ways to make money.

One of these that I have been unable to work on is the website affiliation things. in my redisgn of this site, I will have an area of the uber porno links, thumbnails etc. Maybe even a toystore. Everyone likes lookin at the boobies.

So yeah.

And can I just say again Myspace is TEH EVUL! Goddamn I cannot stay logged in for more than a few minutes at a time. Shit pisses me off.

Now for the less serious.

Watch Mario Lopez's junk bounce around.

Lady Sovereign is coming to town. I fucking love that bitch.

I read the above linked blog for lots o the hip hop news. I actually like it quite a bit and have read from the beginning. Hip Hop Ruckus is good stuff go read it.

Go read about Monk getting ready for Folsom.

And keep in mind that I have an ongoing hard on fascination with his ropes and fancy rope bondage in general.

I recently started reading a blog called Too Fat for Fashion fashion news and such for big girls. I like her blog quite a bit and read it regularly.

I've also recently (after a few accidental findings) read Big Fat Deal. A blog that calls attention to weight issues in the media. I enjoy it quite a bit.

I think that's about it for now. I have to get back on the phone with Qwest to find out when they are going to fix their broken ass shit.


Homo Out.

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