Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sinus non relief and I am going to pee on the floor.

The abrupt weather change has my head feeling like it's full of almost runny snot. It's bad enough I'm actually considering shoving screw driver up my nose and right into my brain.

Not to mention I am angry.

I know, surprise surprise the wee ranty cuntbeast is angry.

Why yes I am.

First of all I am making a list of companies that for all appearances do not care about black folks.

Now why would I say that?

Honestly, I'm not one to pull the race card often. I feel doing that diminishes the issue but, I'm getting pissed off.

I've spent time researching and emailing several cosmetics companies asking politely (after giving praise for their products) why they don't offer things like foundations, powders, or primers that are appropriate for black customers.

I've sent in sum probably a good fifteen/twenty emails. Always the same email to their respective customer service addresses and got a single auto reply.

In my emails I was also polite enough to point out that once (I know this from experience) black folks find products many consumers will not only share the info about the product but, will be loyal customers forever.

But nothing. Not one responce.

That really upsets and offends me. If you as a company can't spare three seconds to answer a fairly simple question, even just to say, yes we got your email and are directing it to (insert department here) would be preferable to being ignored.

I feel the same way when I email a company because I have a problem with their product and get one of those generic well, it's not our fault it's yours emails. I try not to get so upset about it but, I am not a rich person and when I decide to give someone my money for goods that are supposed to be good, I expect some level of quality assurance.

If I buy something at the dollar store yeah if it breaks I"m not heartbroken. But if I spend dough somewhere I want quality.

So as of now there are several companies that are off my mother fucking shopping list.

Maybe I'll post a list at some point.

In general I'm having black girl angst right now. And a lot of it centers around things that are not in my control and it makes me upset.

In less upsetting news my auctions are going well. I'm doing a lot of cleaning out. I want to make sure I'm rid of some stuff so I can have things I like and that fit. Making some pocket change ain't bad either.

Other news. Well after finding and reading almost every tutorial I could find on installing synthetic dreadlocks I finally found the method I can actually do. WOOT! So I made myself a couple of butt ugly yarn dreadish things to practice with. I'm going to practice until I save up enough to buy a full set from JadedDreads. It's going to be awhile but, hopefully I'll get in enough practice I'll be able to do it easily.

Other good news, I've been using this cocoa butter/tea tree mix on my chin/dark spots and it's working. I've also been putting it on blemishes at night and goddamn it is good stuff. The only problem is that I can't find it anywhere anymore. It's fucking fantastic. I also use it on any stray zit type bumps and BAM they are gone.

Tea tree is the best thing EVAR!

What else?

I have new fiction published. Go read my zombie humour story Puppy

Fuck sake my eyes are watering to beat the band. I'm spent.

Goodnight Frank.

Homo Out.

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