Wednesday, September 20, 2006

YOUTH! And menstruation...

One of the few things I actually pine for from my youth, is the easy periods. Up until I was about 25 or so my periods were not that bad. Yes menstruation is a bit of a annoyace, but meh I wasn't too bad off.

Holy Jesus is going to smite me what the fuck happened.

My body has gone crazy, terrible cramps. Pain in areas of my body that have nothing to do with my fucking shedding uterus. What the fuck?

And the mood swings, can we discuss the mood swings?

I go from apathy, to stabby, to weepy, to stabby directed at my uterus and my good lord.

Good lord it's like Roller Coaster of fucking doom up in here.

In other news that doesn't involve me punching myself in the uterus, I decided that this weekend I'm going to start some of my DIY projects regardless of the fact that my sewing machine is still as yet un set up.

I have an old sweater I think I want to turn into a skirt.

And quite frankly let me share that I am fucking done with my non event worthy wardrobe.

And I've got such an itch to get to some of the fabulous events around town. Mother fucker.

Okay no actual content today I'm too distracted and shit.

Goodnight Frank.

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