Friday, October 27, 2006

Budgetary Fuckery

All right. I have discovered that in addition to a pair of new pants I am in serious need of a new pair of sneakers.

I haven't bought a new pair in years.

And HOLY SHIT I found the ones I want for a little over 30$ including shipping.

Black and purple (of course) platform sneakers that I have been lusting after for quite a long time.

Anyhow. Back to pants.

Instead of buying fitted pants I am going to find myself some cheapish yoga type pants or pull on boot cut pants of some sort. most likely this will involve Kmart and/or Target.

With that taken care of I'm budgeting for glasses too. Hopefully even with my crap ass 120 coverage on hardware I'll be able to afford glasses I don't hate since I will have to wear them for a minimum of a year.

Given that glasses are more expensive they will take a bit longer to get. Unfortunately.

Hopefully after Halloween auction sales will pick up some. That would be really fabulous.

I'd really like to plan a vacation of some sort but I'm not sure when/if I can afford it.

I think I might try for the round the birthday vacation again and barring illness go to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival events. Save up over the winter and buy myself some fabulous fetish wear to work.

What I wouldn't give for the ability to have some frivoloty. Not to feel like a bum because most of my clothing is outdated ill fitting and not to my liking.

I'm a little depressed today. So I think that's all.

Homo Out.

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