Monday, October 16, 2006

More Joys of menstruation

So if you didn't guess by the title I am bleeding and not entirely overjoyed about it. I am seriously cranky. I've had monster cramps since yesterday and being at work right now kinda sucks balls.

And I have no Midol. And I want meat. Lots of it. And a shovel.

Why a shovel?

To smack the next person that annoys me of course. That way i won't have to yell.

However I did win the auction I bid on, on Ebay. Thankfully. I would have had such a fit if I hadn't won that one.

So YAY new pants soon.

I've been quite the Ebay vulture cruising for deals. I have a serious need to have cute day wear. Right now I'm really obsessed with finding sweaters. I want some old school JCPenny mens vneck style. I love those.

I'm still working on my beauty blog. Wordpress is pretty cool so look for this journal to get migrated eventually as well.

What else?

Let's talk about riding the bus for a moment shall we?

Okay as much of a pain in the ass as riding the bus can be we can all do our little parts to make it a little less so.

When it is cold outside and fucking raining, please contain whatever your issue is and don't open every fucking window on the bus then yell at people when they close them. You want your own level of ventilation get a fucking car.

Also, if you know you are kind of let's say nuts. And things like talking about The Virgin Mary set you off, how about you DON'T decide to have that fuckig conversation and then start yelling- "THE VIRGIN MARY WAS NOT A WHORE! THE VIRGIN MARY WAS NOT A WHORE!" Especially when the person you were speaking to very clearly was talking about Mary fucking Magdalane who was, in fact a whore.

And, if you absolutely HAVE to show your little friends your new ring tone hold the phone up to their fucking ear. Nobody else on the bus wants to hear your crap ass muzak version of We Be Burnin seventeen motherfucking times.

Don't get on the bus hollerin at people. You want to have a conversation with someone who's not riding or getting on the bus take another bus or call them later. Yelling at a closed bus window is NOT going to make it happen.

If you are wearing headphones, don't sing. It's not fucking karaoke and nobody wants to fucking hear it OK? Ok.

And the big rule applies. Don't be an asshole.

Don't sit on the outside edge of your seat when the bus is crowded to capacity because you don't want the dirty public sitting with you. Tough shit buy a fucking car if you want a seat to yourself.

Okay enough for now. I'm going to drink the last of my cold coffee and go pollute my lungs.

Homo Out.

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Anonymous said...

Scrap the Midol, you need to vent.

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