Tuesday, October 03, 2006

STOP twittering...

I'm still tired though I've finally gotten some sleep. It's more the type of run down that happens when you don't sleep well for a long time. I'm just cranky enough to want to yell at anyone who starts talking as they approach me:

"Stop twittering at me you ninny."

And I think I'm going to have to stop reading the news again. I keep seeing things like this. The only response to that I can think of involves either giving the finger and/or just telling people to mind their own fucking business.

Either way.

You don't HAVE to look at anyone regardless of what they are doing. If they are humping on your leg, yeah feel free to say something but otherwise reallyf or the love of all things cute and fluffy just avert your fucking eyes if it's that much of a fucking problem.

And how about people not being upset because a senator is gay but, rather because he's a chickenhawk and sexually harasses people? I'm fairly positive we all know that if it had been barely legal girls this douche was trying to diddle, he'd have gotten the wink wink nod nod, boys will be boys type spiel. Issued an apology and that would've been it.

I am more than finished hearing about this kind of thing and the ensuing shit that spouts from the mouths of people about it. Punish the man for behaving inappropriately, abusing his power and position not for being gay.

I find this magazine disturbing. I don't know where these chicks live in terms of reality but my life does not revolve around where I am in my menstrual cycle. If it did there would be monthly bloodlettings, gratuitous showings of boobs, not to mention the occasional serious fucking everyone within a fifty mile radius shut the fuck up right now. So well...suuure okay.

I don't know what it is. Sometimes I read these 'girl power' WOOO we are women watch us...Rooooooaaar I just feel, I don't even know how to describe it. I just kind of blink slowly several times, purse my lips, think about it for a second, nod very very slowly. And then say something like, "yeaaaaaah sure okay." Blink some more. Ponder, puzzle.

THen later of course I almost invariably have to start wondering what happened?

I just tune out.

Maybe my "experience" as a woman has not revolved around said womanhood as much as others has. I have no idea.

I get the same way in discussions/debates on feminism (insert whatever ism here) when people start dicksizing about privelige etc. To my mind to be so stuck on the divisive 'well I have it harder than you' does absolutely nothing. Makes me wonder if people realize that the longer we're bickering about who's got it better or worse nothing is getting solved.

In other news. I found a documentary about Hubert Selby Jr that I want to see so bad. I watched the trailer from It/ll be better tomorrow. That looks fantastic.

I'm also very excited about JG Ballard's new book 'Kingdom Come'. I love Mr. Ballard.

And I just got very distracted looking at UK editions of books and now I forgot what I was going to say. So I'm done.

Gooodnight Frank.
Homo Out.

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