Friday, October 06, 2006

Stress and body mods

I've been thinking lately that with all the stress and bullshit I've gone through in the last two years or so I should reward myself with some sort of body mod to signifity me pulling out of it.

But, the question is what to get? How? Where?

I've been considering some scarification but, with my skin those fade. I had a brand of half of a heart on my left breast that is gone now. Maybe a suspension? I don't know. While I would like to do a suspension at some point right now I'm thinking more towards the permanent.

I'm thinking I want something of my own design. I'll start saving soon.

In other news I am in desperate need of a new pair of pants and think I am going to subject Mike to some serious thrifting this weekend. Value Village is calling my name. I have ten dollars and I am not afraid to use it bitch. I've been cruising various auction sites and just can't find a pair of pants I think will work.

I'd really like some basic black pants. Which reminds me does anyone else remember when you could buy Dickie's at Kmart for like 15 bucks? When the FUCK did those become fashion?

And of course as I'm bitching about pants I find exactly the pants I want on Ebay but, I won't have money in my paypal account by then to cover it.

Son of a bitch.

Ah the perils of being poor, thrifty and transferring money into your paypal account.

I just had such a tantrum.

I am so irritated.

I hate this.

Now excuse me while I have a fit.

Minky Boodle.

Homo Out.

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