Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sundries self care and what the fuck.

So I think my financial situation will be easing up some and I'm making my big list of self care supplies.

If anyone who's been reading awhile recalls I had an absolute fit that a drugstore type website carries only ONE fucking ethnic hair care/interest item among their "thousands" of things. I wrote them several emails with no response and stopped shopping there.

So I went back to Walgreens website and HOT damn they not only have the relaxer I've heard raves about but it's only 7 dollars. So I'm making my list there. I think I'll be going back to using Neutrogena's even skin cleanser as well. My spots aren't really doing so well.

Since I'm not buying from Urban Decay I think I might try the L'Oreal eyeshadow base as well.

And I'm going to buy a pair of fucking pants. I want a new pair of pants so bad and I really don't want jeans. I've never been a big jeans person and have worn them the last few years mostly because they are there and I found some that were cheap.

Granted I feel somewhat guilty that I have such a hard on to feel pretty so much. It bugs me that I feel vain and shallow even though I know I'm not overly vain or shallow. I think it comes from my jack ass sense of absolute responsibility. Don't get me started.

Speaking of pants the pair I really want I'm waiting on word from the seller to see if I can buy them outright in case her auction ends with no bids. Let's hope. They are soe hot pin striped bondage pants.

Mmmm I lurve me some bondage pants. And pin stripes. Straps and stripes can you ask for more?

I have to share. I have got a massive hard on to get me some bright lime greenish eye pigment from MAC. Not to mention other seriously bright obnoxious colors. I think it's my inner drag queen screaming to be fabulous.

But, fabulous make up means I need fabulous outfits to wear with said make up.

Ugh. Me and my fucking fabulousness. I do not live on a budget that allows for a lot of it and it's frustrating.

I feel kind of stupid and vapid now.

And I'm going to shut up before I make more of an ass of myself.

Homo Out.

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