Friday, October 27, 2006


Okay so I get the Torrid newsletter today and start looking.

Goddamn their clothes are SO fucking expensive.


And of course they put out things I absolutly LOVE. But I cannot bring myself to pay 54 fucking dollars for a goddamn acrylic sweater.

Mother fuckers.

I fucking hate being poor.

I hate it.

I hate not being able to when I want to get myself something nice without three months of planning.

I hate not being able to just go out for a fucking drink when/if I feel like it.

I hate it.

I hate that I work my ass off just to tread fucking water.

Goddamn it.

Is it TOO much to fucking want out of life just to feel comfortable. And maybe on occasion feel pretty and/or fabulous?


I feel a little better.

Homo Out.

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