Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Working it out.

Given that's it's getting cold out I'm saying goodbye to my floaty skirts and things. I am also realizing yet again just how much I hates HATES my feet being cold and sweaty.

Anyhow. My Beauty Blog. She is growing YAY. If you have links send them my way.

HOLY SHIT! I just checked my paypal and Safeway let their authoriztion expire without charging me so I have enough money for PANTS!

Okay so here is the saga of the new pants.

I purchased a pair of hot ass bondage pants on Ebay thinking (for once I'm sad I'm not as big as I thought I was) that htey would fit. Now let me tell you gentle reader, I have been absolutely desperate for pants. So much so that I contemplated giving it up and just going to buy another pair of jeans.

And I am really not feeling jeans right now.

So I find these pants and sweat over winning the auction for five days. I don't generally bid on things early in the auction but I wanted them SO bad. I get them last friday, shuck off my fuzzy yoga pants and....they are WAY too big.

Too big as in I didn't have to zipper/button them to pull them on and off. I was so upset. And they are too long which isn't as much of a problem but still.

So I made a post to a fashion community I belong to on the LJ. Hopefully someone will pick them up easy like that so I don't have to auction them.

So I am sad that the super cute pants do not fit however, since Safeway fucked themselves out of 17 dollars the hunt begins again. And if I can swing it I'm going to search for a new hoody too.

That said tonight I really need to retake my measurements so there are no more such pants issues.

I am also investing in a new supplement. In a month or so look to my beauty blog for that.

I actually slept last night, slept well in fact and an hour longer than I usually do. That by itself makes up for a lot of daily bullshit. I also had myself a good walk before work and I have gummy bears and genmaicha. In all I'd say my day is not too bad.

More later maybe right now I must make big water.

Homo Out.

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