Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wotan in the hizzouse.

I've been dreaming about Odin lately.

Also of his cohorts Huginn and Muninn.

Mainly in the why aren't you fucking listening to me ya wee twat? Kind of way. So yeah. Not much to say about that for now aside from, goddamn you One Eyed Old Goat fine.

In other news I bid on two tops on Ebay. One is this hot boobs black top with long split sleeves and a shiny thing on the front. The other is very elegant with a draped neckline and three quarter sleeves. I better fucking win them or I will stab someone in the eye.

However my stabbiness is again mitigated today by the tastiness of houjicha tea. A japanese roasted tea that is one of my winter favorites.

FYI I really don't like the shirt I have on today it makes me have uniboob. Not cute.

Miles Davis and spicy peas to snack on are a wonderful thing.

I had some other stuff to say but frankly I'm not in the mood. Maybe some link salad of an adult nature later on.

Homo Out for now.

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