Thursday, October 12, 2006

You suck

The title is in refernce to my back I am speaking to it directly.

Sciatica you suck and I hate you. I hate you like Bush hates wurds.

I hate you because you make me walk funny, sometimes fall down. I hate you because I am uncomfortable no matter what. I hate you because you make me not want to exercise. I hate you because you are NOT helping with the insomnia.

Fuck you Sciatica. Fuck you right in your irritated nerve clusterfuck.

Fucking fucker.

Okay I feel a little better now.

Anyway. In other news I am starting a seperate blog dedicated only to hair, beauty, DIY pretty etc. I think I might get wordpress going for that so I can test it out. More on that when I get it figured out. So yeah. I will include hair pics, trial and error with home styling, how to's, product reviews. Nattering about my trials and tribulations whilst makin myself pretty.

Um what else?

Because of a protest downtown today I stopped in at Sallys and got me a package of hair, a foam donut, a new comb and a nail file. Some of the hair will go around the donut for a base piece for a bun, the rest I will practice doing braids with.

Yeah that sort of thing will go in the making pretty bloggy.

And I am done for now. I hurt and need to walk around a little.

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