Monday, November 06, 2006

I thought I said NO!

Okay so the pants thing is okay now. I ordered some fabulous boot cut black pants.

In other news I've added David Beckham to the list of men I'd like to beat up theh give it to in the nono place.

Who else is on that list you ask?

I'm not telling you.

State secrets.

Okay I'm going to talk about Oprah for a minute. Oprah and her ilk of talk show let's all weep and hug and make it better.

I hate that everything is so SHOCKING and OMFG that's TRUE?

Seriously people. How many shows have you seen where one of the following has happened?

Host: So, why do you hate yourself and want to die?

Guest: I'm fat/ugly/stupid/etc.

Host: Oh *takes guests hand* but I think you're beautiful/smart/fabulous. Why do you really feel that way? Come on you can tell me I care about you.

Guest: *Starts to weep, lays head on hosts boob/shoulder/whatever* My Daddy/Mommy/Fourth grade teacher/kids at school/siblings/grandma/wahtever is always telling me I'm fat/ugly/stupid/etc.

Host: *Gets teary, not enough to run the pancake make up* I'm so sorry I had no idea, it's okay.


Is it really that much of a fucking mystery that if someone is treated badly for whatever reason for years that they will be depressed/feel shitty about themselves?

It irritates me.

Even worse when the "guest" is gay/trans/bi/otherwise considered not normal and the host and audience only get happy when that person reveals the big trauma that made them so strange.

That sends such a shitty fucking message. If everyone else things you're "weird" you must have some big dark secret trauma that made you that way. Fuck that. Fuck it in the ear.

Anyway before I get pissed off.

I LOVE Shanna Moakler not only did she bust that silly bitch Paris Hilton in the face but come ON. Someone that throws punches and is that goddamn cute?

You know who else I'm in love with?

ProjectGay. Just go read it. Love it. Probably don't hump it because if you ruin the crease in their pants those bitches would probably cut you.

Go love them.

I just saw a blurb on Nerve that Will Self has a new book out.I really enjoy his work. And turns out he has a fabulous voice too. I'm listening to a reading from How the Dead Live and am enjoying it quite a bit.

I think I'm spent my allergies are acting up someting fierce and my bladder just said bitch please.

So yeah. Goodnight folks.

Homo Out.

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