Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Paen to Frank Muller

I am listening to the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King on audiocd and am reminded again of (in my opinion) the best audio book reader ever, Frank Muller. I was really upset when I found out about his motorcycle accident and the thought that I would not hear him read anymore books was heartbreaking.

The less selfish upset was that he and his wife were expecting a child and I can't imagine how hard it has been for them.

I really enjoy audiobooks. Something my Mom started.

There is something very special to me about being read to.

Some books I can only palate when read aloud. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Her writing tends to grate at my nerves after awhile but read, I enjoy it. Except for Servant of the Bones. I am a total fool for that time period in history so I love that one.

Anyhow. My dinner is about ready and I am spent. I had a shitty day and want to lay down now. Goodnight.

Homo Out.

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