Saturday, November 25, 2006

Unplanned hiatus etc

So I took another unplanned hiatus. No special reason really.

Right this instant I am currently scouring ebay for something cute to wear to the Christmas party. Thus far I am vastly unimpressed.

But the following lyric makes me feel better:

I got a cute face chubby waist....

Mmm Missy Elliot to the rescue when the ole girl here is feeling fluffy and fat.

The chub feeling (while yes based partly in reality) is also sort of in there with the fact that I'm fairly bloated today from week long stomach issues. That icky post stomach anger puff.

I'll get over it.

I'm really very tempted to wear something bordering on outlandish to the company giftmas party this year. Mainly because I missed Halloween and haven't worn anything remotely outlandish in a very eon.

I am leaning towards something gothic lolita ish(yeah I know enough with that already but i can't really help myself). I really like this skirt but a.)it's expensive and b.) I don't have the proper boots or top to wear with it.

I really need to either strike the lotto or find a much better paying job so I can dress in a more appropriately fabulous fashion. Because it would make me really -really- happy.

I also am still seriously jonesing about wanting to have some synth dreads installed. I still may wind up doing it myself after purchasing a kit or somesuch.

And I'm spent I'm still not entirely in the mood for this.

So yeah.

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