Thursday, November 09, 2006

Useless Shannon Trivia.

Since I believe I am working up to a migraine I'm going to share some useless Shannon Trivia, however if the Pink Mafia gets you, you know nothing.

The first two human beings I was in love with as a kid were Freddie Mercury and the black dancer with the long legs and uber ponytail from the intro to Solid Gold.

When someone tried to explain to me that Freddie Mercury had a boyfriend I responded (in what would become absolutely typical of me) "I don't care I'll marry him too."

Just a wee Beasty and already with the polygamy and the gays. Is it any wonder I turned out the way I did?

when I was a little kid my Mom was a model for Joico hair products. And I was absolutely no questions asked ass over tea kettle in love with her stylist who's actual name I can't remember but who I called Ramone. I even rolled my r's back in the day.

I loved Ramone because when my mom went to him for looks prior to doing new headshots, he would sit me down in his salon in Tacoma, give me a butt load of make up and make up remover and let me make myself over for hours.

I never once made a mess, I never messed up his make up. I was in love and amazed that he'd let me play.

As a young child my favorite babysitters were two drag queens, a Hippie Bellydancing naturopath who had something like 6-8 kids, lived on a farm with llamas and often let me help around the house.

I was really really sad when all my friends started having their periods way before I did. I also had no boobs. I often prayed to some booby fairy to bless me with the boobage.

Mission accomplished thank you booby fairy.

I like boobies.

The first girl I had a crush on was in Kindergarden and she was a TA. I just loved that girl. I remember she wore a lot of pastel polo shirts and she had this slightly curly light brown hair that never ever stayed in a ponytail. And when I wore beads and braids she like them quite a bit.

Speaking of firsts, the first time I ever kissed a stranger it was a boy named Kevin at summer camp. I think it was the summer between fifth and sixth grades. It was the first day of camp and we were doing one of those "get to know you" exercises. We all wound up having to partner up and hold hands, or something and after someone said something to him about getting stuck with a girl he said he got to hold hands with the prettiest girl in camp and snuck a smooch.

My first summer romance. He spent much of the week and a half of camp giving me little things and trying to steal another smooch. It was all very cute and ended in tears and I'll write yous. I think I saw him on occasion after that around West Seattle.

That's all for the way back machine today.

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