Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Whores, my cervix and one of my heroes.

I was reminded to go have a look at one of my heroes websites today.

Annie Sprinkle.

I highly suggest checking out her 40 reasons whores she loves whores. Fantastic list.

I also highly recommend checking out her Love Art Lab.

I am also ass over tea kettle in love with Susie Bright. No seriously you people don't understand. Just reading her blog (linked above( I get giggly and feel mushy. If someone out there would like to buy me her podcasts I would cream my shorts.

Additionally if you'd like to buy me her photo book Nothing but the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image : A Portfolio and Exploration of Lesbian Erotic Photography . Cause yeah HI. That is some wonderful stuff right there.

While I'm on the subject of being so gay I'll share some fond memories of some of my favorite gay men.

One of them was during a night out at Neighbors. My Gayboyfriend and I were out dancing and drinking most all night long. I found these two absolutely gorgeous boys to dance with and while we were dancing, (me sandwiched between said hot boyness) someone said something about me being a fab hag.

One of the boys said: "Shit you're not a fag hag baby you are a fag."

So true.

I also just LOVED going to this local place called Sonyas. I wasn't an absolute regular but I had friends there. I spent a lot of time flirting, smooching, giggling, ogling and having my ego masturbated there. Lots of good memories.

Lots of good times there.

So my point mainly is that when I say things like, I am SO gay, I am super homo. I mean it because I am.

Whether or not I "seem" queer, or am running around fondling gay men and pining over hot butch dykes, nothing about my queerness changes. If I'm dating men or women or both at the same time nothing about the core of my being changes.

And okay back to my title I refer to my cervix. I highly recommend this to every woman to do at least once in her life.

At the gynecologist office ask if you can see your cervix.

I've seen mine and was amazed. It's one thing to have a theoretical knowledge of your own body but when you get to see something that generally only your doctor or your child being born is going to see it's very special.

I thought mine was quite cute.

Mine was pink and had a dimple. Just like yours. The little dimple looking thing is a hole called the Os.

While I'm on the subject of girly parts ladies. Look at your pussy. Make it a habit make it a practice. Get yourself a mirror at the dollar store, I like the round ones with the stand on them, aim it towards heaven and take a look. She is not going to bite or yell. She is not a scary place. She is a very important part of you.

I believe women should do this frequently for several reasons. Let's go with the sexual reasons first shall we.

How can you expect a partner to understand and enjoy your bits if you have no idea what's going on down there? Understand that no matter what your Mama said, or what your Daddy said, or what your sisters/friends/lovers/whomever said there is nothing wrong, ugly or weird about your cunt.

Look at her and appreciate her. Within those folds is the single MOST amazing organ in any human body. The Clitoris. Why did I capitalize that? Because my friends, the Clit is the only organ in any human being designed solely for pleasure. And oh what pleasures there are. But that's a whole other entry.

Moving on examine your labia. The clinical terms labia minora and majora are a bit of a misnomer. Many women I know their labia minora is longer than their labia majora. Myself included. Do not be alarmed. The fact is that I will venture to say, the vast majority of labia do not look all tucked in and even the way they tend to in magazines and movies.

That's not to say some don't but as will all things related to the human body labia vary in size, color, thickness etc. As many women as there are on the planet Earth, there are that many variations. And that is a wonderful thing.

Your pussy is beautiful and I encourage you to tell her so daily.

Now for the practical reasons.

The better you know your body the better chance you have of realizing when something isn't right.

I'm talking about when your discharge is off, or you have an itch, or hell if your skin is irritated from anything from soaps to detergents. If you know how your genitals look during the phases of your menstrual cycle how much easier would it be to know if that itch is just a random itch or if maybe you have a yeast infection?

You can be able to tell your gynecologist exactly what symptoms you may have instead of generalities. And it is empowering to take charge of yourself that way.

It saddens me that we (women) will spend so much time paying such close attention to our hair, our faces, how much our asses jiggle when we walk and then, turn a blind eye to our own genitals. Why?

Because of mis information.
Lack of education about how our bodies work and look.
Shame (perpetuated by "feminine hygiene" products and the like)
And the worst?
We leave it to someone else. Our doctors, our lovers, etc.

For all of us who never saw our Mothers naked. For all of us who had no one to ask questions. For all of us who have been shamed into thinking "down there" is a dirty smelly place. I say fuck that.

Fuck it right in the motherfucking ear.


Go out and find this book. And read it. Learn every bit of your mucosa, stray hairs, smells textures and everything else. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your daughters.

Like everyone always says. Knowledge is power. Go out and get some.

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