Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Broke ass state of mind.

So this is sad. I set aside money specifically to purchase myself some new clothes that I like. That I LIKE is the big caveat I gave myself.

So I'm doing just that. Trying to give Torrid another chance and I just can't make up my mind. They have plenty I actually like in my size but, I'm so unused to paying more than 5-6 dollars for a single item of clothing that even the clearance prices are intimidating.

That's sad isn't it?

I'm so used to being broke and absolutely having to be incredibly thrifty that, my chance to splurge is being ruined. Fuck sake.

Whatever I am determined.

How tiring it makes me feel old.


I"m really over the whole belt right under the tits look. I've seen maybe three people that looks flattering on and it's just not for everyone. I'm also still fairly ambivilent about the whole leggings thing. If you are too skinny it's unflattering, and if you're a big girl what the hell do you wear with it?

I'm not at ALL into the flounced skirts. The tiered ones that is. Why? Very simple. I had to BEG and plead to wear those in the sixth grade.

That was over fifteen years ago. Been there done that not feeling it again.

In other news I do love the tunic length shirts. And skirts still.

And I think I'm about spent on this entry. I think Torrid and I are indeed breaking the fuck up. I will explain later.

Homo Out.

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