Thursday, December 07, 2006


So I started a post the other day with a tirade about Torrid but I didn't feel like finishing it. I just cursed the person who manufactured the computer I'm using.

It's going to be one of those days.

Add together the holiday season+serious hormone anger+everyday bullshit and what do you get?

One cranky stabby little bastard.

U'm really very very tired. Not been sleeping well at all. Have I mentioned lately how much I fucking hate winter?

I hate it because my body is in no condition for cold weather. My joints hurt. And let's not even discuss what my neck and back are doing. Suffice it to say that they are both in danger of me ripping them out and beating myself to death with them.

Also while I'm complaining why the FUCK is my right armpit peeling?

Actually it's a simple answer. It's the same reason my skin has been wonky looking and I have a thing growing on my chin.

I haven't been drinking enough water.

Mainly due to me forgetting to buy myself a new water bottle to keep at work for refilling. For me to be well hydrated and non cranky I need to drink at least 2 quarts a day or so otherwise I get icky.

I went to QFC and got myself a new bottle before work. That will make it better.
In other news I'm listening to Beethoven Radio and right now Debussy's La Mer Is playing. That is a fantastic piece of music. Unfortunately I missed The Rites of Spring. Another favorite.

And I am distracted again and not really in the mood for this right now. I'm going to play with wordpress and try not to piss on the floor.

Homo out.

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