Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Talking down the Black Dog

I'm sitting here listening to Patsy Cline croon about Walkin after midnight and I'm trying to keep my decent mood intact. I am crooning a tenor along with her. My mood is mostly made wibbly by the fact that I'm so damn sore. That low level constant joint tenderness wears a person down.

Wow mood has been improved. I just bought a very nice total outfit for 6$. Hot damn.

And I am still investigating the whole migrating to Wordpress thing. It's proving a little more complicated than I thought.So yeah.

The outfit is a spring outfit but fuck it. I'll be ready for being cute when it warms up some.

So yeah holy crap.

I also need to find some gel insoles for my shoes. That is next on the list.

And now it's time for tea. Hojicha and some cookies.

Homo Out.

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