Friday, January 26, 2007

And the girls say...

Random song lyric titles. Who doesn't love that?

Right this instant I am nibbling bits of D'anjou pear (everytime I type that I type D'anjoy). What I really need is a few bits of fancy cheese, a big glass of wine and somewhere to recline and finish reading Plainclothes Naked. Seriously.

But no I am at work and drinking hojicha tea. Listening to some strange tribal-ish dance station that is about to get changed.

OH free stuff. I got distracted digging through a pile o music memorbilia that people at work are giving away. I scored a Descendants sticker, some Southern Culture on the Skids stickers, a Blue Note Records comp, some Virgin records swag and probably going to pick up some postacrds to add to my collection too. I love that kind of shit. That is the MAIN reason I miss working in a record store. I loved getting that shit.

I was thinking earlier about my friend and mentor Daddy Liz who passed away last year. If you're new see this entry. Don't bother clicking the DX links because those are long gone now. Actually I will probably try to pull some from the way back machine for shits and giggles.

In the aftermath of a huge breakup Daddy Liz became my dream teacher. She was rough sometimes, sometimes tender but always gave me room to figure it out. She helped me not just know intellectually that it was perfectly okay to be a little high femme cock swinging mother fucker, or be the sulky cute boi wearing jeans and whitey tighties. Or any other thing I could come up with. She didn't laugh (too much anway) when I was reduced to tears because I could not figure out how to wear my cock and a garter belt, or the time I sat on her floor pouting (lip out and all)because she wouldn't let me play with her super rough LeatherDyke friends.

Which I found out later was a good idea. I wasn't ready for that then.

My big point here is that I saw a woman who looked a little like Daddy Liz on my way to work today and she told me I am beautiful and that made my day.

I miss her a lot.

In other news I really like it when straight men compliment my shoes and my make up without being greasy and/or stupid. YAY for that. I also like it when the words, super cute come out of a straight mans mouth. That makes me giggle.

The embargo on pants is still on. Today I am wearing from the feet up, burgundy knee high Docs, fishnets, black slipdress, ratty black sweater. On my face I got my Fyrinrae (I misspelled that) stuff ysterday and I'm trying out the gold pigment. It looks nice a good softish bling on the eye rather than BLING. And my fabulous Goldie lipgloss.

Love it. Now I am going to go and scour Ebay for a couple of things that might include a new webcam for FOTD (foto of the day), faux fur, black hoodies, big girl hosiery (big legs in fishnets you HEARD), and quite possibly something cute.

So yeah.

Homo Out.

PS...if one of the like four people who reads this can give me some wordpress advice I'd be much obliged. Kthnks.

PPS.. And *shimmy* in Pollyland direction.

And for Busty Rusty

Touch it bring it.... (you finish that sentance)

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Oberon said... can you wear too much black?

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