Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bouncing boobies and glee.

So my next large purchase is going to be a good bra. To most that doesn't sound like such a big deal. But, when you're working with the big heavy D cups and want to do something as booby bounce inducing belly dancing. You need a good bra.

It's fairly astounding what a good bra can do for an outfit. So yes. I have several earmarked for further research. If I'm going to spend upwards of 40$ on a titty holder it better be fucking good and comfortable.

I'm also shopping for a new cell phone. Not really excited about that to be honest. I use prepaid service to save money because I don't really use my phone that often but, I do need one since I can't wear watches and like to be able to call home if I'm going to be really delayed so One Hung Low doesn't worry.

I'm looking at this phone. And I think I like it. However I am vastly unimpressed with T-Mobile's customer service. I cannot get a straight answer to a simple question so I will probably just buy one off of Ebay.

Something new and odd. I've started eating breakfast. Which is strange because I've never been a real big fan of the breakfast. Lately I've been eating a little something when I get to work, take half my vitamins then I eat lunch later. Seems to be working out pretty well. I"ve become fairly good at spacing vitamins/food so I don't find myself suddenly with the low blood sugar pissed offness.

I am seriously book lusting right now.

I need these books:

The Butcher Boy. If the reviews and reccomendations I've gotten are to be believed I would probably really enjoy this book. I could do with reading the madness rather than actually going there myself right now.

Speaking of books I find it inordinately amusing when whatever I'm reading makes people make a face like they've been stuck in the asshole with a hot poker.

Last night I was rereading "Plainclothes Naked" because I forgot to put the Gogol back in my bag and this lady was craning and contorting herself to get a gander at what I was reading. She looked at the cover (see it below) and her face puckered up right quick and she even made a disgusted noise.

As far as book covers go that one is not nearly as potentially offensive as many others I own. Maybe it was the word naked in the title that did it, or she knows who Jerry Stahl is and hates him. I don't care it still made me laugh.

What I enjoy even more is when some "wonderful" person decides to confront me about my choice of reading materials. Gods I can be nasty about that sort of thing. For instance when a woman got all huffy about me reading Real Live Nude Girls=: Chronicles of a Sex Positive Culture by Carol Queen. Her entire point was that a.)I was reading pornography in public and that b.) that was somehow "asking" for something to happen.

You can imagine my reaction.

I calmly and politely explained to the dimwit that I was not inf act reading pornography but a series of essays that are better classified as creative non-fiction about sexuality etc. And if she was well versed enough with pornography maybe she should stick to her own and not that which does not belong to her. I didn't even address the "asking for it" issue. The look I gave her made my thoughts clear.

She sniffed and snorted in a huff until the bus came. I continued reading my book.

And I know everyone is wondering is the pants ban still in effect?

It certainly is. I'm wearing black mary janes, black tights, a black asymetrical hem skirt, black beater style tank, long sweater cardigan thing. And some chartreuse eyeshadow. That I am still undecided on.

I am also wearing some supposedly long last lipgloss that did not last at all and I am annoyed. Yet another reason to switch to lipstain.

And I think I'm spent. I have really bad cramps and need to find my Midol before I reach in and yank my uterus out through my cervix.

Homo Out.

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