Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ebola like whoa!

I have the flu. And any illness that involves a lot of snot, fever, chills etc is to be called ebola.

So anyway.

My trip to Walgreens has been postponed so I'm cruising the interweb looking at things between breaking out in sweats and chills.

I bought some fantastic lipgloss on LJ. I got this lipgloss in the shade velveteen. Wonderful color it reminds me of one I used to wear years ago. But with a better shinier finish and a lovely scent.

And I also got an Urban Decay fatty eye crayon that they don't make anymore in gray with silver glitter in it. I love the texture, creamy but enough powder to go on nicely.

I should be writing about this in my poor beauty journal. She feels abadoned. But, not now I'm not in the mood.

Moving on.

I think my next target is finding a good dark cherry or blackberry-ish lipstain. I'll probably have to look around quite a bit. I need something darkish and that has staying power through my chronic lipbalm addiction.

I'm leaning towards the Lip Dye from HennaKing.

I also need to pick up a few more brushes to use with my pigments. And I seriously need a kabuki brush to start using my Bare Minerals. I think it'll be easier for me to use those now since my skin is in better condition to start with. Which reminds me since I'm sick anyway I'm going to give myself a treatment later.

I think I might save up for more BPAL as well. Probably some Ars Draconis. And Blood scents. I have Blood Kiss and it smells really good on me. Like gives me a hard on kind of good. I also have Uh Fenris Wolf and Debauchery. Love both of those too but so far Blood Kiss is the big winner.

Weee I just had SUCH a fucking airbubble go through my head.

I just spent way too much time looking at kitty pictures and I think it'stime for nyquil and bed.


Sickly Homo Out.

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