Monday, January 01, 2007

First day of the rest of um..07

It makes me a little cranky that so much stuff I like is coming out of Asia and the stuff is just not made for short n busty such as myself.

I am getting over it.

Note to self I need a stiff angled eyeshadow brush to try out my new pigment so I don't make a mess. Did I mention that here that I bought my first M.A.C pigment sample? Yes I finally went ahead and did it.

So Ebay is the greatest thing EVAR for folks like me who have M.A.C tastes and Wet N Wild budgets.

My next purchase is probably going to be Urban Decay Primer Potion, well at least a sample on it so see how well it works for the dark skin since NOBODY at that fucking company (Urban Decay not Sephora) could take the two seconds to answer the question I emailed them numerous times. Fuck em.

I'm also considering going ahead and getting some Ben Nye Eyeshadows which are fabulous.

I also need to get myself a how to video from Bare Escentuals so I can use my bare minerals in a better fashion. Hrm. Fuckers.

I also still need a proper kabuki brush. Note to self bid your ASS off on the Ebay for one of those mmkay.

Hot damn almost time to leave work.

So yeah.

This year, I am obsessed with feeling and being fabulous. That is my sort of uh..resolution I suppose.



And no, not fucking Fabulosity a la Ms. Simmons. Screw you lady, you did NOT invent fabulous. Pardon me there, I haven't read the book but everytime I've seen her speak it's made me cringe for various reasons.

So I'm sticking with my drag queenish FABULOUS!

I am SO gay.

Homo Out.

Oh yeah does anyone know if these label things are blogger's version of tags?

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