Monday, January 29, 2007

Gogol makes me think crazy.

I started reading some Gogol on Friday on my way home from work. I purchased the Dover Thrift edition of Diary of a Madman and Other Stories and it was well worth the four dollars it cost me. It's was a virgin book.

Very tasty.

This article about the long mourned magazine Sassy is great. I loved Sassy when I was just a lil baby beasty. I was probably a little younger than their target demographic but still it made me a happy lil camper. I remember making some of their DIY projects before I knew what the fuck DIY stood for, and for the record. I fucking hated Courtney Love then and still do.

Anyone who makes their name on sheer skank factor pisses me the fuck off.

If these bitches are famous why am I not?

Before I start frothing about jack asses who's sole reason for being famous and/or rich has to do with birth and ick let me move on.

Speaking of Nerve does anyone aside from me remember the amazingly HOT spread of Mia Tyler that was in that a few years back? My God that girl. Luscious like hot damn I wanna take a bite of that ass. Mmm yeah.

While on the subject of juicy I just ate another pear. And I'm about to eat a banana with peach yogurt on the side. Actually not on the side, to cut down on my personal mess factor I'm chopping the banana up and dropping it into the yogurt.

So while I'm on the subject of health I realized a little earlier today that taking MSM as a supplement has been such an enormous help with the arthritis and other assorted joint pain. Unlike glucosamine it's not so damn expensive and it works fairly quickly. The reason I mention it is because I ran out between shipments last week and wow. My knees and ankles were hurting quite a bit. Being without that for almost a week made a huge difference.

Good thing I hit up the Puritan's Pride I picked myself up five bottles of MSM, two of melatonin, and two tea tree blemish treatment sticks for 25 bucks and free UPS shipping. Not bad I say.

I also feel the need to share that Ting Ting Jahe ginger candy is like fucking crack and I can't stop eating it. At this rate I'm going to shit myself later. Ginger is fabulous for your digestive tract but seriously, ingesting it in this amount is likely to induce speed guts.

Now aren't all five of you glad you read my blog?

The moratorium on pants continues. Outfit of the day is a black full length slim velvet skirt, black tights, black flats, black v-neck tunic length sweater. Didn't do much with hair or make up today.

I really should've worn boots.

I am listening to Wumpscut that makes me giggle a little because I haven't listened to them in years.

In other news, I am really annoyed that in my spate of vitamin ordering I entirely forgot about buying more hair/nail/skin formula and I neglected to remember my megaC either.

Fuck sake.


After I finish my hot ginger drink no more for the day. Otherwise I will have an accident. And there is nobody here to wipe my butt but me.

I have been introduced to a new web comic and you must look at it. I command you.

Now I think I'm spent. I have to pee and make some tea. Pu Erh is calling my name.

Homo Out.

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Lounge Della Lulu. said...

I certainly am glad I read you. We've been wondering for a while now - whenceforth and whyforth the Pants Embargo.
Not that we like pants.
Hate Them.
But what are your reasons, if any? Perhaps it was some kind of divine command? Did you lose a bet? Did you post at length about it and I somehow miss it?

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