Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If I make it there...I'll make it anywhere.

I'm finally feeling mostly human.

My horoscope a la Free Will

Due in part to the relentless barrage of disguised brainwashing in the form of ads, news, and entertainment, most people are not themselves an average of 45 percent of the time. You, however, are currently refuting that scary statistic in style. Your percentage of being-true-to-yourself is at an all-time high, and holding steady above the 85 percent mark. Keep up the good work, Pisces. In fact, take advantage of your momentum to push for even greater authenticity. Say exactly what you mean even more. Think your own thoughts even bigger and louder. Exorcise every last one of the celebrities, entertainers, salesmen, and authorities who have demonically possessed you.

I was actually just reading the news which is something I tend not to do for long stretches of time. Mainly because enough doom and gloom, I can do that in my own head kthnks.

Other things.

I know I just bought three books (I'll get to that in a bit) but someone really needs to gift me a copy of Indecent: How I Make It and Fake It as a Girl for Hire by Sarah Katherine Lewis because I have a serious girl crush on her. Mainly from the LJ and a fleeting glimpse/near meeting on the bus.

Okay as I'm cruising around Hell Amazon I see this:

For great reviews of books for girls

And as you may guess that immediately rubbed my fucking fur the wrong motherfucking way. What the fuck is a book for a girl? Is it because the book in question (that I'm not even going to link to) is some sort of love story? Or because it's about prostitution? What the LIVING fucking hell.

Something in the recommendations algorithyms in Amazon has gone all fucking wonky again. Awhile back I bought some horror books by black authors and for months I had a spate of fucking "Urban" fiction recs. And I don't know if I discussed here (and don't get me started about that) but I HATE the whole misguided "genre" and it took me forever to purge my list. I don't know how many times I turned to Mike and said something akin to: "Oh NO the Amazons knows I's a negro" or some such.

Don't get upset I was joking. Sorta.

Anyhow since I purchased these books recently:

The Almond: The Sexual Awakening of a Muslim Woman by Nedjma and C. Jane Hunter

The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir by Toni Bentley.

And Plainclothes Naked by Jerry Stahl.

My reccommendations list is overrun with junkie chic and chick lit.


I really wish I had the time/money to spend my time crawling around some of the fabulous local book stores rather than buying from the devil but. That's how it goes no?

One of the things I love about amazon is that you can look at book information. Blurbs and whatnot. Barnes and Noble is seriously lacking in that department I just noticed.

I'm looking at books as I write this to stave off what is probably going to be something rantastic that was spurred by my a.)love of Susan Powter b.)morons on fucking youtube and c.) the F-Word.

Later for that.

Also it's hard to rant while listening to Leonard Cohen.

Very hard. Even though I've had no coffee yet today (makes me a very grunty beasty) and my left knee is banging like it's got the drummer from fucking Sepultura in it.

I find it fairly amazing anyone at all reads this anymore. After the Diary-X meltdown I think I lost a lot of people. Also unfortunately I lost track of a lot of people I really enjoyed reading.

Oh fuck SAKE now I get maudlin?

Okay this entry is put on fucking HOLD until I get some coffee and advil.

Breakfast of motherfucking champions people. After coffee links and things.

Coffee and Advil have been accomplished and I already feel a little better.

So yes, I was about to do some snarking.

There are few things I dislike more than preachy you-must-think-like-me-or-you're-the-enemy style of ism's. Feminism has been a big one for me lately.

Just where the FUCK do people get off telling me how I am suddenly part of the Evil Empire because our views of some things differ? I can't even begin to tell you how many "real" feminists have lambasted and ostracized me because I don't fit the mold of their particular flavor of what it "is to be a feminist".

Why does it bother some women so much that another woman who yes, probably would say proudly that she is equal to any other human being, might like to get a pedicure? Or that she really enjoys sucking cock? Or getting buttfucked? Or getting her eyebrows waxed?

I just cannot understand it.

Strength is found not in assimilation but in diversity. Seriously.

It makes me tired.

I'm so turned off to any sort of solidarity with people right now. A good friend of mine was forcibly outed from a "support" group because she stepped outside the party line. And not in any way that was threatening but, these people mined her journal for ammo.

I've seen all the backhanded bullshit that goes on all int he name of "solidarity"

Well you know what?

Fuck you and the motherfucking horse you rode in on.

I don't need you. My friends don't need you. Matter of fact, why don't you all just have yourselves a circle jerk and call it a fucking day.

Okay I really need to stop before I start frothing about other things.

So yeah.

Busty Rusty and co. hope you're okay.

*SHIMMY* at Pollyland.

Homo out.

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