Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mac is lurve.

So I'm wearing my first attempt at interesting MAC make up today. I have to say that French Violet looks fucking fantastic. I just spent ten minutes looking for a photo and can't find one. What's funny is that I think MAC might be some secret sisterhood type thing. I got stopped on the street by a random cute girl because she was wearing the same pigment. She had used it wet as an eyeliner with a lighter purple on the lid. I used it on my lid then beneath my eye with a line of black on the top and this random sparkly purple I have up to my brows.

Same color, looked way different.

I really need to buy a new webcam so I can to fotos of the day without embarassment over my crapass camera.

In other news because of a recent pants related fiasco I have been wearing skirts this week. Yesterday one of my favorite full length black cotton ones with my calf length sweatercoat and underwire cami from Torrid. Today I'm wearing a black velvet dress that falls to about midcalf that I bought a couple of years ago on GothicAuction. A semi cropped black hoody with it, black tights and black mary janes.

I know..wear much black?

ANd the hair. Good lord my hair. My plan of growth is going very well. I still haven't managed much in the ways of styling just yet. I'm learning.

I get weekly tarot cards in my email (laugh and I will smite you) and part of this weeks card says the following:

The Strength card is about proving yourself by improving
your own sense of self-esteem and self-worth

Very timely I think. I've been trying very hard to be nicer to myself. It's hard. When you come from having loads of confidence to it being wibbly and fragile well, yeah. It sucks.

But I'm working on it.

I'm also going to buy myself a couple of new ponyfalls.

Mantra for the year,

"Fabulous fabulous fabulous"

In other news with the presidential nominations starting up ye GODS I have never been so thankful not to own a TV in my life. I don't want to hear all the bullshit I really don't. I'd rather find out for myself.

I think I"m spent. I'm going to listen to some internetz radio and take my vitamins.

Goodnight folks.

Homo Out.

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