Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have the internet ADD right now so Links.

As we know I read the fabulous Monk online journo. I love the toe bondage in the second entry down it's so pretty. I wouldn't do it because I hate having my feet touched but it's purdy.

Also I want one of the Tshirts with their company logo on it. I'm not huge into bondage right now but still I like it.

I think this article is fucking stupid. No let me rephrase. I think some of the things that the CFDA is saying are fucking stupid. For instance.

-- Educate those in the industry to identify the early warning signs of eating disorders.

Are they fucking serious? Can anyone tell me with a straight face that people in the modeling industry don't already FUCKING know this shit? I dare anyone who reads this to look at any major runway show, any major fashion shoot and not count vertebrae, ribs etc. That by iteself should be a big DINGDINGDING DANGER THIS GIRL MIGHT BE UNHEALTHY sign ya think? Granted yes some people are really naturally thin however, I cannot believe that most or even a fair percentage of runway models aren't ill in some fashion.

Come on now.

What else?

Someone really needs to donate to Susie Bright's Blog then give me their Clits Up button. Actually I will probably donate my damn self next paychex as a V-Day present because, in case you haven't been playing along at home I've been ass over tea kettle in love with that woman for like ten years. No seriously. I. Love. Susie. Bright. So much so that when I emailed her this fawning fangirl letter she wrote me back AND said I could have a hug when she next comes to town. I almost wet myself in joy.

Speaking of fangirl nonsense I also had the same reaction when Jerry Stahl . I've not yet offered him a hug but I will buy him a cup of coffee. This is a very enjoyable interview with him go read it.

This is a good interview with Nick Mamatas. I also highly recommend reading the Bookslut Blog. Okay that's it I'm really done this time. Go play with the links.

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