Friday, January 19, 2007

When I grow up

I think I want to be in something like RaqsGothique. Not necessarily the moving to Oz part but, I'd do that too.

I've been obsessed with bellydancing since I was a little kid and since I was gifted with some DVD's over Christmas (Boy and Gurl Venus I love you two) I'll be able to start. I'm also making a list of other DVD's to add to my collection. WEEEE!

So yeah YAY.

And hopefully either this Spring or Summer I'll be able to take some classes. That would r0xx0r.

Since my knees etc have been better because I've added MSM as a supplement I am really looking forward to getting back in shape. I mean that very seriously. I know that's been one of the things that's contributed to my feelings of serious crap. So yeah. Bellydancing and yoga ahoy.

However I seriously need at least one good sportsbra. Getting a titty in the eye might sound good in theory but I'd rather not give myself a black eye.

I really need to pick up one of those basket tea brewing things like this one. Actually I probably will pick that up next month. Thanks to a dear friend I have some really amazing Pu Erh and hojicha loose teas and my dented dollar store tea infuser is just not cutting it. That and I use a big insulated cup and can't get enough tea into the ball to make a good strong cup.

I love hojicha brewed very strong. Makes my tastebuds happy.

Speaking of I have some of the cheapie hojicha that I bought at the grocery store in my purse.

Happily I just made my Puritans Pride order. I got myself some more MSM and am going to try taking melatonin so maybe I get some decent motherfucking sleep. And because I had a 5$ off coupon and a coupon for free shipping I also picked up a buy one get one free tea tree blemish stick because my skin dun gone CRAZY. Cold meds and my skin do not get along at all.

I'm not one to make big New Year's Resolutions but, I have promised myself that I would be gentler with myself and take better care of my body.

No, that doesn't mean I'm ready to quit smoking yet but I am ready to be nicer to myself.

Okay I'm spent. And annoyed and I don't want to talk about it.

Homo out.

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