Friday, February 02, 2007


So because of my embargo on pants I have been wearing the hell out of my tights and realized I need some new ones. 13 fucking dollars for stripey tights. Just because I am of the big legged sort.

That shit annoys me.

Honestly it's not like there's an extra yard of fabric involved here. Maybe an extra inch-inch and a half of stretch.

Yet another example of "well you're fat so fuck you."

In less stabby inducing fashion news my Jane Skirt is a mere 15$ away from being mine. Happy about that.

I still need a petticoat to wear with it but I found them for a reasonable price so that won't be a problem.

Beyond that I suppose I'm all right. In a decent mood. There was an event I wanted to go to tonight but, too far away honestly and it's too shitty out to be cavoriting on the bus and hoping to make it back downtown before the last bus.

Oh goddamn it. I'm working on this uh...thing about a couple of characters a friend of mine and I developed and the beast is almost 30 pages. And right now is distracting me. So off I go.

The beast beckons.

Homo Out.

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