Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be straight in terror.

The title refers to some amusing spam I got today.

Okay I will admit I've been doing one of those pay per click type things and goddamn it. I am so close to a cash out. It's a good deal, not super scammy like everything else on the fucking net. Given that I don't do anything that costs even a dollar (I'm cheap like that) all I've got is pocket change.

But goddamn it I don't get any fucking referrals. Because I don't know a lot of people who do this sort of thing.

Frankly it's a decent way to keep a little money in my paypal account.

I should find one of those referral trade type message boards.

So anyhow it's VD day.

Oh my GOD I just got such a hard on for this motherboard by Asus. It's fucking Intel but goddamn that's hawt.

So right it's VD day and in celebration of all things love I am wearing red. Full length red skirt that was formerly a dress. The boob area was way too small so I did some cutting and wear it with the top part pinned to my bra and voila. Full length swishy and red.

Also in celebration I didn't wear underwear.

Actually tht's a lie I didn't wear underwear because I didn't feel like it.

I have discovered recently that I am really not fond of strangers insisting on talking to me while I'm reading a book and wearing fucking headphones. It's rude. I don't really care that you think this weather sucks. It's fucking Seattle of COURSE it's going to rain. I also don't really care if you can't read the fucking sign on the art museum that says it's reopening in May.

Goddamn it.

Okay enough ire.

Go get yourself some.

Yes you single people too.

Spend some time touching yourself inappropriately. Nobody loves you like you do baby.

I'm gonna drink tea and talk myself out of another bag of popcorn.

Homo Out.

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