Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bears lookin in my window

The title refers to this article I read on CNN. Bears crack me up when they aren't you know, doing bear things like ripping off faces.

A tip from your citified Nudiemuse, leave the bears the hell alone.

What else?

The weather has been lovely today. Sunny bright and chilly. So I am wearing a favorite outfit. Black knee length slipdress, crepe button up shirt thing, black tights, mary janes. Similarly simple make up, a swoosh of black liquid liner, buttload of mascara. Shiny barely pink lips.

In other news that payper click thing I was nattering about (the gangster greed link at your right) paid the other day. 10$. Some people scoff at that but, that's a weeks worth of coffee, a pack of imported cigarettes, a few feel goods etc. It all helps. I am actually saving it though, I've got more coming this week or next. I am actually saving up for henna to treat my hair with.

I am excited because I don't mind clicking away for goodies.

The next thing I need to save up for is a digital camera of some sort. I don't really need anything fancy but I'd like to start auctioning regularly to make some of the proverbial extra moolahs and I don't have a camera to use. And I refuse to sell stuff without taking photos.

I will also need some plastic tubs for storage.

This year I am getting my fucking hustle on if it kills me goddamn it.

I also think I'm going to seriously sew. I'm a little scare but fuck it.

My birfday is coming up and I've been considering what I want to do to celebrate the big 30 and I'm kind of coming up short.

I could kind of go for some new hair. Braids or something maybe. I don't know.

I'm going to go make more tea and do more clicking. I want henna now.

Homo Out.

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